The Defense Rests in Casey Anthony Trial

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The defense rested today in the Casey Anthony trial, bringing to an end two weeks' worth of evidence presentation and witness testimony. It did so with the Anthony choosing not to take the stand.

The prosecution will now present a rebuttal case, but it is barely even expected to last a day. Closing arguments will follow, with jury deliberations possibly getting underway this holiday weekend.

If Casey is found guilty of killing her daughter, she could be executed by the state.

Casey Anthony Trial Photo

This woman has no empathy & feels no remorse. Her timed episodes of crying were in my opinion, really crappy acting. I dont care if she gets death or has to serve the rest of her life behind long as she is found guilty. This poor little baby lost her life & deserves justice.


I don't think she should b killed. She needs to live everyday with pictures of caylee and her little body all around her jail cell, on the backs of the prisoners and guards, and tatooed on her body so she'll have to see her baby's face and what she did everywhere she turns, everyday. She needs to feel guilty everyday until she dies from guilt and remorse. It should eat her alive. And she needs to get her ass whooped by a different person everyday for each day after she killed her baby and before she was found. I'll b in line everyday in a different disguise.