The Defense Rests in Casey Anthony Trial

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The defense rested today in the Casey Anthony trial, bringing to an end two weeks' worth of evidence presentation and witness testimony. It did so with the Anthony choosing not to take the stand.

The prosecution will now present a rebuttal case, but it is barely even expected to last a day. Closing arguments will follow, with jury deliberations possibly getting underway this holiday weekend.

If Casey is found guilty of killing her daughter, she could be executed by the state.

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she killed her did't wanna be a mother


That Evil Bitch deserves the death penalty. I cannot believe the jury let her go, even when knowing some incriminating evidence. She killed her little girl and now she gets to walk the streets. I am sooo furious!!!! I want justice for poor Caylee!! That precious child deserves everything that she didn't get a chance to go


Bury the bitch alive in the jailhouse yard and duct tape her lying mouth shut.


I think George Anthony sexually abused Caylee and didn't want her body found for awhile. He would have known that evidence of molestation would disappear as her body decomposed. Child sex abuse victims often do something called disassociation. It is a means of coping with the early sexual abuse and then later as a means of coping with other stress. Casey acted like a sex abuse survivor using disassociation. I'm suprised the defense didn't bring an expert on this to testify. All experts that treat trauma survivors are aware of this.


@PearTree: Just curious, but what is it about "people like" me that upsets your sensibilities so much? Is it because I have a different opinion then you? First of all I have not rendered an opinion as to whether Ms Anthony is guilty or not. The comments I make are purely for the sake of gathering opinions of others that would aid me in what others may see that I might be missing. I don't believe that there will be a mistrial because I believe as I stated in other postings that most people involved in this case are judging her on an emotional level, causing them to only see and hear what supports their point of view.


because people like @ D A its probably going to be a mistrial.


offff with her head!!


This was one of the worst defense cases I've seen in a while. They made all these huge statements in their opening statement and backed up none. Some they did not even touch on. Casey not taking the stand was lkely the best decision they made. She would have been torn up by the prosecution. Most times lawyers don't want a defendant on the stand, at least they got that right. I think she is gulity as sin, but I'm not sure if a jury will convict her on murder one. There is no way she is going to walk, and although I think she should get murder one, I have a feeling she'll get something less. Poor Caylee. Children are a gift, not somthing to get rid of when you don't feel like caring for them. I feel so sad for that little girl who never had a chance. As a mother it makes me sick. My job is to protect my little children from harm, I can't even concieve of being the one who harms them.


She threw her parents under the bus!


She threw her own parents under the bus! No mercy!