The Bachelorette Recap: Forgive and Phuket

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He wasn't even on the show last night, but Bentley Williams still loomed large over The Bachelorette, as Ashley Hebert tried to move on from his sudden exit.

Two dozen references to that shady character aside, the show gave us a boilerplate, run-of-the-mill episode with Ashley continuing her quest for love.

Thailand was the scene of three fun dates, a lot of kissing, a charitable endeavor, the man-claws coming out, and some seriously bad weather.

Workin' Hard in Phuket!

 Not your typical group date, but certainly a rewarding one.

Save for a minor rule change by Ashley Hebert, there weren't too many surprises, as we're seen episodes like this many times and the favorites remain.

Will Ashley truly move on from Bentley and trust someone else? Eventually, you have to think so ... he doesn't win, after all. But she's not there yet.

The Bachelorette spoilers we've compiled offer hints on when Bentley returns (groan) as well as the final rose hopefuls, so check those out if you like.

Right now, let's break down last night's episode, the fourth of the season, THG style. Continue on for our patented +/- Bachelorette recap ...

"I keep thinking about how it would be if Bentley was here with me," Ashley Hebert sighs. We know the answer to that. Revolting and slimy. Minus 9.

Minus 10 more for this: "I feel like there's something more there. The 'dot dot dot.' The door is still open. There isn't that closure." Please.

Fortunately, after their date was washed out, and with Ashley seeming a little disinterested in him, Constantine had a good attitude. Plus 5.

The advice they got from the shop owner was great. Love is not about winning. No wonder Charlie Sheen's been divorced three times. Plus 8.

Constantine Tzortzis Picture
Ames Brown Picture

Constantine and Ames both stepped up their game.

"It says a lot about Ashley that she would set this up," says William of the orphanage restoration group date. Yup, she planned it solo. Minus 4.

Think that Nick guy knew about the tsunami prior to this? No points, just asking.

Ben F.'s mural was the cutest thing ever. Plus 7 for getting into the spirit of the date. Contrived as it was, they did a nice thing for the kids!

J.P. Rosenbaum heated things up when he took Ashley outside in the rain with an umbrella and made out with her under a tree. HOT! Plus 11.

Ryan Park interrupts Ashley just as she was about to present the group date rose ... then has nothing to say at all. What a douche. Minus 7.

The Bachelorette is great because, as we saw with Ryan being called out, a guy will straight tell another guy to his face that he sucks. Plus 12.

Okay, he did sugar coat it a little. “You get extremely enthusiastic and excited about things,” is a nice way of saying he's a spazz. Wash.

Cheers to Bentley!

Cheers to Bentley ... er, you guys!

Ames Brown is getting a lot of flak for his big forehead, cyborg-like demeanor and list of accomplishments, but he seems really nice and genuine. Plus 7.

Minus 4, though, for this line straight out of The Bachelorette scripted handbook: “Navigating these beautiful caves is exactly like navigating a relationship.”

Ashley's need for reassurance is a little irritating and pathetic. Minus 18. Girl, you're the star of The Bachelorette. And have the nicest body ever. Act like it.

Plus 8 for her being soaking wet for almost the entire episode, though.

These guys are apparently so awesome that she can only cut one of them this week. She can do whatever she wants? Really, Chris? Since when? Minus 6.

The previews ... who knew Bentley and the producers could stoop even lower? There's no excuse for bringing him back to hurt Ashley again. Minus 15.


ROSE RECIPIENTS: Ben Castoriano, Ryan “Mickey” McLean, Blake Julian, Ben Flajnik, Nick Peterson, William “Will” Holman, Lucas Daniels, Constantine “Dino” Tzortzis, Ryan Park, Ames Brown and JP Rosenbaum.

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Baby girl why are you playing with your heart like this, that guy is a BONEHEAD and you with become the same for justs wanting to be with someone telling he was wishing for another women to be there learn to be the PLAYER AND DONT GET PLAYED.OKAY because there are going to be manying come to you and kiss and pick you up and tell you a big lie and you will be looking stupid


This is really boring this season. It would be nice if you picked someone in there 50's for a change just to give the show a different audience and some maturity!! Ashley seems too obsessed with Bentley who should have been bumped by the producers imediately when he indicated he was not in this for the right reasons.


I agree w/ Ruby Smith. Ashley is quite the whiner, but I was groaning months ago when they chose her as this season's Bachelorette, primarily because she didn't do anything except that fake shrill laugh everytime she was on camera on Jake's season. I think that she is adorable, but not interesting. She has surprized me w/ her shallowness, how could you not see through Bentley. She has already let some decent guys go, no one is standing out in this season, including Ashley. I am so tired of these re-run bachelor & bachelorette shows. Please choos some new folks. I would love a season of "normal" people, not hollywood glamourous types. How about a middle aged group once. Or even elderly. I would really appreciate something more interesting. Chris as always does a great job, always a gentleman. But he can't carry the show alone.


I agree--this is the worst season they've done--at least so far. But I do have to wonder a little bit about Ashley. Why on earth would she want a jerk like Bentley? It seems very scripted. He already said that he felt she was unattractive. Did she suddenly become acceptable, in the looks department, to him? I will continue to watch this season, but I think most of the remaining guys are dorks!


I have never watched & the video footage clears me. As for the retards- they are going to stop violating me- and that is the end of this discussion- you would think they would learn from past events to stop lying about me and stop violating me. All video footage clears me, they will be put to death & that is the end of this discussion


Sorry can't help you on the forgiving certain individuals. Tabitha, my relatives, & the others will be sentenced to death for their crimes against humanity & that is the end of this discussion


Quit watching after the second show. This used to be one of my "guilty pleasures", but honestly - I embarrass myself by watching this claptrap. Bentley? Really? Can Ashley possibly whine any more than she already has? The masked guy stayed how long? This is the worst show in all the seasons of Bachelor and Bachelorette put together!!


I am disgusted with the show this season...why is Bentley allowed to say such things and not get thrown off the show???I thought the guys were screened in some way. He's ridiculous and so is Ashley...she was WARNED! I've never seen such a whiner in my life...really makes the show crappy this season. There are some good guys in the group & she's crying over that bastard Bentley. I think I'm done watching!!!

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