The Bachelorette Preview: Bentley Williams Returns!

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We haven't seen the last of Bentley Williams on The Bachelorette.

The previews at the end of last night's rose ceremony strongly imply he will be back next week. However, all The Bachelorette spoilers we've read and compiled so far indicate that he returns in episode six - the week after next.

Here's the final segment of Monday's episode, preview included:

Our theory is that Ashley Hebert's talk with Chris Harrison and knocking on Bentley's door do take place next week, but the parasite himself doesn't actually show his manipulative face until the following week, stringing viewers along.

Regardless, Ashley is clearly hung up on the loser (she talked about Bentley non-stop on last night's episode) and is just going to get hurt again, as if Bentley hadn't done enough. She was just starting to get over his "shocking" exit too.

So sad for the girl. So great for the producers.

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Bentley is the Man... and Ashley is a poor excuse for the typical insecure woman... I am so happy she is getting played like a fiddle as she deserves nothing but pain and misery as I continue to watch this season with pain and misery listening to this ugly duckling whine nonstop about Bentley, so pathetic. Well done Bentley, keep up the great work!


It wouldn't surprise me if they picked Bentley as the next Bachelor.


I am tired of these women who choose the men who are not worth a dime and let the good guys go home. I have about had it with The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Come on Producers do a better job!


Why would this franchise give this heartless JERK airtime - some people may say it makes for "good TV" - he only makes a fool of himself and if it shows what-goes-around-comes-around for this JERK then and only then will it be worth to watch - such as Emily making an appearance letting him know she would have nothing to do with him - no "smart" woman after seeing this will ever trust this heartless JERK - he has doomed his future and has labeled himself the biggest loser ever - LOL


I was so tiered of hearing Bentley's name this last episode, I jokingly said "say it one more time don't disappoint me Ashley" After the final rose ceremony was done and guess what? she did not! I hope that next episode I don't hear his name at all cause she said it WAY to many times this last one!


I really don't understand why this Ashley thinks she and the Bentley guy would work out. She is like every marginal looking girl who wants the typical "hunk". Let's face it, without her makeup she is not that great looking. But she should set her sights on someone not as unobtainable as Bentley. Bentley played Ashley had her thinking they would hook up, and now we see the result.


This is a pathetic season showing Ashley's infatuation with such a despicable loser. She acts like a teen experiencing her first heartbreak, instead of a grown mature woman. Time to grow up, Ashley - get over him. You're well rid of this jerk and so is his ex-wife. The one I feel the most sympathy for in this whole scenario is his poor little 5 year-old daughter.


nice one bentley