Teen Mom Season 3 to Reunite Original Cast, Premiere in July!

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After showcasing a new crew in season two, MTV is reuniting the original cast of Teen Mom for the third season of the reality show, premiering July 5.

Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood (if she stays out of jail) will all return next month for "their toughest year yet."

Battle For the Twins!

Custody battles, 911 calls, fist fights, shouting matches and, of course, the joy and pain of raising kids they didn't plan for - that's life for these four.

Sure as Amber and Gary Shirley will break up twice between now and then, THG will be reporting on the absurdity and life lessons as they unfold.


Haha i wont waste my time and argue with anyone else over this. But clearly, if no one cared, (pretty much you saying you dont care) to read my comments, you wouldn't have took ALL that damn time to write a comment. Haha, ignorant huh? But like i said, im not gonna waste my time anymore argueing because clearly no one understands the fact that i said RATING wise. Not "i think she just sucks and isnt a mom she shouldnt be there because i said so" it was a proven fact said BY mtv producers that she doesnt have what the RATING needs.


Courtney--- You're an idiot. Catelynn is a vital part of this show. The show shows all sides of being a teen mom. She will forever.. for the rest of her life have to deal with giving up her child for adoption. Can you even imagine what that does to a person each and every day? You think giving up your child is something that is done and then *poof* everything goes back to normal? Absolutely not.. They are showing how that, now.. almost 2 years later, her getting pregnant as a teenager is still affecting her life.. Even after giving her daughter up for adoption. It's a side that hardly anyone sees. Everybody knows what the other girls are going through.. Changing diapers, wiping noses, bills.. etc.... Nobody really knows what it's like for the person who gave their baby up so the child could have a better life... Quit being ignorant, and if you don't like the show, then don't go on websites that talk about it and don't post stupid comments that nobody cares to read.


The point of the show is to allow teens the opportunity to see hoe their choices affect their lives. I actually wish they had more mother's who picked adoption. I only watch the show to see how Catelynn is doing.


It's ridiculous I am even argueing with you people. But clearly she doesn't have the problems the other girls have. Yeah she deals with adoption,and bad mom, and tyler. But once again IT'S NOTHING COMPARED TO THE OTHER GIRLS. Maci deals with school, living on her own, bills, job, a screaming baby while trying to finish school, every single girl was trying to finish school with a screaming baby running around which made it a million times harder. She on the other hand can go to school with only the problems she has being a distraction. She doesn't have to worry about how to afford a child and getting a job. she doesnt havent to juggle school,job, there problems and a kid. I'm glad she put it up for adoption because that baby did not need to be in that shithole of a family and home, but no matter what you say, RATING WISE, i'm going to say it again RATING WISE she doesn't have the RATING problems the other girls have by any means!


Courtney...r u insane?? Catelynn has more to deal with!! The stress of the adoption, her bitch of a mother treating her like trash, trying to keep things together with Tyler, and still trying to finish school & make something of herself. I make my 13 yr old watch this shiw so she will hopefully think twice b4 winding up in the same predicament. U need to get ur stuff together.


Maybe you didnt read it right, but I clearly did not say she wasnt a mother.and she did do the right thing 100% agree.but just problems with her boyfriend dont compare rating wise to the problems the rest have.bills,running around screaming kids while trying to also finish school.boyfriend problems they all four have.all i said was rating wise she doesnt have the drama and problems like the rest!


Catelyn is a mother!! A great mother, for being selfless and thinking about the long term well being of her child. Some people have children for their own selfish reasons and keep their children because it will make them happy. Knowing in the long run, they can not do what is in the child's best interest. The true meaning of a mother is being able to put your childs needs first and always doing what is in their best interest.


Catelyn is a mom just a differnt kind of mom. She knew that raising a baby around her and Tylers cracked out hillbilly parents was not a good place. She still struggles with emotions from it and her and tyler have their problems but they have the best relationship out of all the people on the show. I watched the preview and i thought it was hilarious when Maci asked Bently if he wanted her to pee on him since he peed on her and he said ya lol. My daughter would and has said the same thing. Farrah is not very attentive. She always leaved her daughter alone and something usually always happens with her back turned. Amber- well she just need some MAJOR help


Although I understand Catelynn is a teen mom, she really ruins the already ridiculous show. She doesn't have the child. She doesn't have near the crazy and drama filled life like the other girls that makes the show any good to people.

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