Teen Mom Season 3 to Reunite Original Cast, Premiere in July!

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After showcasing a new crew in season two, MTV is reuniting the original cast of Teen Mom for the third season of the reality show, premiering July 5.

Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood (if she stays out of jail) will all return next month for "their toughest year yet."

Battle For the Twins!

Custody battles, 911 calls, fist fights, shouting matches and, of course, the joy and pain of raising kids they didn't plan for - that's life for these four.

Sure as Amber and Gary Shirley will break up twice between now and then, THG will be reporting on the absurdity and life lessons as they unfold.

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Oh Gary and Amber. The Roseanne and Dan or our generation


Stephaniie, have you seen Catelyns family life? Her mom is messed up and Tyler's dad is too. Her mom is so supportive that she moved in with her mother but her mother wouldn't let Caitlyn live there. Great mother and grandmother! She has to be out on her own while she's still in high school. These kids are trying to do what's right for their daughter. I also think it's great that they've stayed together.


Wow, people were getting really nasty on here. I agree with you Courtney....Catelyn is boring but I give her alot of credit for giving up her baby. I could never do it....She is definitely not selfish....I think if she kept the baby she would be selfish. This baby looks so happy with her new parents...


there all stupid


Well said, Courtney. Well said. If more people chose adoption as an answer than we thousands of children would have much happier lives with more opportunities that could ever be imagined. If you're a teenager with no support system, poor and uneducated then adoption should be the #1 option. If there is any way for girls to pull theirselves out of that hole, then by all means, go ahead and keep your baby. But if there is something better out there for your child, why wouldn't you want to give them that opportunity?


Well said, Courtney. Well said.


If nobody put there child up for adoption then how do people that can't have kids have a family through adoption people shouldn't bring kids and try to raise them when they don't have the means too


Oh, i forgot to add. I like how you said they only give them away to keep partying and stuff, she CLEARLY doesn't go out and party. And shes not "making babys and giving them away" she made one baby. She made a mistake, she realized she did, and she realized her child needed to have a better life and she gave that child a better life.


Steph, really? I never said she wasnt a teen mom. She is a teen mom. And i also said i am happy she gave her baby up for adoption! She realized she couldnt afford it, wasn't stable enough, and her household was terrible. No life to bring a baby into. She did the right thing. and for you to say it is selfish, you truely are an idiot. It would be selfish for her to keep the baby with the way her home life was. The other girls came from family who did have the money to help out. She on the other hand did not have a family that would have supported her or helped. She realized she wouldnt have made it and gave her child a chance at a better life. She is an amazingly strong person, i wont deny that. You misinterrupted what i said completely.


And if Catelyns life is so hard now after giving up her child,... maybe she should have thought about that before she did it... Its still affecting her today and thats her OWN fault... No one made her give up her kid,... she CHOSE to. tought shit. She shouldnt have given up her child if she wanted it... thats ridiculous. TEEN MOM is supposed to show how its difficult to be a teenager and raise a baby/child, well shes not raising hers,... someone else is. She has no difficulty with being a teen mom because she isnt one, Her emotional problems are her own fault. She wouldnt have them if she would have grown up and accepted the fact that she has a baby and needs to be a mom,

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Farrah Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

Jenelle [Evans] has all the potential to turn her negatives into a positive like I have.