Tamra Barney Fires Back at Slade Smiley: LIAR!

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As far as Tamra Barney is concerned, she's totally rubber.

Slade Smiley? He's glue, and anything he says bounces off The Real Housewife of Orange County and sticks to Gretchen Rossi's boyfriend.

These two continue to go at one another in public, as Smiley told E! News this week that Barney is delusional for claiming he doesn't pay child support. He also finds it very creepy that Tamra has contacted Slade's ex-wife, Michelle.

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Barney has now fired back, explaining to the same site that she and Michelle were introduced through a mutual friend and:

"I feel extremely sorry for her and my heart breaks for her and Grayson. Michelle is a very strong woman and went out of her way to contact me today to tell me that she was proud of me for standing up for her and Grayson and to keep my head up."

Does she care about Slade's insults? Yes, although she says otherwise.

"While he accused me of many false and bold lies throughout the entire season, I am not crying to the press about them," she cried to the press. "Why? Simply because his allegations are false. The bottom line is that I don't care what Slade has to say about me. Like Gretchen, he thrives on lies and manipulation."

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Lets review some facts here...According to her, she follows Slade on Twitter regularly and has Google alerts on him and Gretchen, all these strangers "seem" to want to call her and only her to offer juicy tidbits, (one in the middle of the night, of course she takes the call). She selfishly reaches out to Slades ex whom has a sick child and whom she doesnt know from Adam, for validation i guess? And seems to get all her info from hearsay (a friend of a friend told me...Looks like she has some issues and spends her days "trying" to make them look bad, when she comes off foolish. She has to be green with envy over Gretchens kid free life, beauty, and success and/or she was dissed by Slade and is making him pay for it. She wont quit until everyones as miserable as she is. Pathetic, and to think shes a mom of 4.


Shes lost all credibility with me, shes been caught one to many times being deceitful. Fool me once...you know the rest. I dont believe a word that comes out of her filthy mouth. Shes down right creepy and psychotic in her antics. If i were "Sletchen", id think long and hard about getting an order against this obsessive loon. She needs to STHU and go be a respectable mom, if thats possible.


Either way, it's none of Tamra's business. She flipped out on Jeanna for doing exactly what she's doing to Slade and Gretchen. Why is she talking to Slades ex? Why does she follow him on twitter? And she calls Gretchen obsessed? Tamra is a low down dirty hypocrite.


Slade is a slimeball. He goes from housewife to housewife all the while not paying his child support. He keeps saying he wasn't arrested but that's a lie. His mugshot is available on Smokinggun. He can afford trips & cater to his new girlfriend he should delivery pizzas or wait tables to pay his support to his sick child.


It's none of her business what that man does in her life. Because her marriage fell apart she has to meddle in other peoples lives... including her "gal pal" Vicki.


Trailer Trash! Big time!! Always has been always will be.

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