Tamra Barney Fires Back at Slade Smiley: LIAR!

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As far as Tamra Barney is concerned, she's totally rubber.

Slade Smiley? He's glue, and anything he says bounces off The Real Housewife of Orange County and sticks to Gretchen Rossi's boyfriend.

These two continue to go at one another in public, as Smiley told E! News this week that Barney is delusional for claiming he doesn't pay child support. He also finds it very creepy that Tamra has contacted Slade's ex-wife, Michelle.

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Barney has now fired back, explaining to the same site that she and Michelle were introduced through a mutual friend and:

"I feel extremely sorry for her and my heart breaks for her and Grayson. Michelle is a very strong woman and went out of her way to contact me today to tell me that she was proud of me for standing up for her and Grayson and to keep my head up."

Does she care about Slade's insults? Yes, although she says otherwise.

"While he accused me of many false and bold lies throughout the entire season, I am not crying to the press about them," she cried to the press. "Why? Simply because his allegations are false. The bottom line is that I don't care what Slade has to say about me. Like Gretchen, he thrives on lies and manipulation."

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Gretchen rossi and Slade smiley are DISGUSTING human being and that's why they make the perfect match. perfect


Slade pay your child support and maybe the world including Tamra will start having nice things to say about you. Until then the world including Tamra have the right to bash you for being a dead beat dad! Have a miserable life slade just know that when your son becomes a real man unlike you. He will resent the fact that his so called dad did not help his mom out financially not even with moral support but instead was busy being a maid to his girfriend . This goes out to all the dead beat dad. Ya'll are loser!


G retchen,Alexis and slade needs to be kick off of rhoc they are just using the show to promote their lines if anyone is a mooch it's these three ignorant scumbags. I felt so disrespected by Alexis trying to preach that she follows whatever the Bible says, such a hypocrit bitch! You say you got a boob job and it's okay even when the bible say its not! And your lame excuse for yourself "because he wants all his children to be happy? What about being GAY don't we deserve to be happy to? You don't approve because it's not between a man and a women. You are a hypocrit you little bitch! What about rhoc reunion when Andy ask you do you approve gay marriage and your lame response is I follow what the Bible says. Bitch, get it right! You only follow the Bible when it doesn't involve your sorry ass! ALEXIS teach what you preach!!!


tamra is a disgusting trouble maker. as if any of slade's child support issues are her business. hasn't she got enough problems of her own to worry about? guess not, she's too busy wh@ring around in the tub with her creepy eddie. i feel sorry for her kids having to be raised by such a skank. she has her head too far up vicki's @ss to say anything about Vicki's boyfriends child support issues. i liked the first two seasons of rhwoc, bravo can cancel this one or at least kick tamra off. slade is right she's a moocher, sponging off any man she can pick up


Gretchen you seriously need to put a leash on your Chihuahua he needs to stop barking to the press and making himself out to be the victim. My heart goes out to his son and ex for having a dead beat father. You are the worst human being ever for not taking responsibility for your action. Do the world a favor don't make anymore kid because even a dog knows how to love his puppies more than you.


Vicky I guess Tamara will be talking about you and your deadbeat dad boyfriend next season. Pot meet Kettle LOL. Vicky the grass is not as green on other side as Tamara pretends. Tamara you are one of the biggest liars I have every seen on the Housewives. You need to review past episodes before you speak, I don't know what fantasy world you live in. Oh that's right Tamara's WORLD.


Gretchen and slade needs to get their head out of their ass! Since gretchen seems to be a little wiser than slade and knows how to make money maybe she could figure out away to help him out. He needs to find a way to make some money to pay for his child support! Be a man it's your responsibilty. All I'm saying is maybe he needs to stop following gretchen like a little puppy and do something with his life that will benefit his kid. For heaven sake man up! You loser!


@ oh my goodness and no she didn't! What nationality are you? I'm guessing white!!! So stop with the trailer trash shit its getting old you unhuman being! You IDIOT!!!!! How do you not see that wretchen is the one that is always trying to start shit with tamra. Wretchen get over it! Hello! If you want to live in the past go ahead wretchen but don't try to bglring tamra and vicky with you. You are the most pathetic human being on the planet! By the way I wouldn't buy your purse even if I was on your side which by the way hell no! it's so ridiculous how you try to sell it for that price $250+. Sweety for that much I can get me a beautiful coach bag and it's a REAL NAME BRAND!!!


So - on the finale with Andy Cohen, Tamara is going on and on about Jeanna minding her own business and keeping her nose out of her business. Hello Crazy person - what do you think you are doing to Gretchen and Slade? What do you think you are doing to Alexis and Jim. Why don't YOU mind your own trailer trash business and shut the heck up you hick wannabe OC-throw back. Good grief, do you not see your own hypocritical ways?


T. Barney is SUCH a liar. She goes off on Jeanna, then tells her boy toy that Jeanna came after her. Tamara started the whole ugly scene! What will she do when she sees the clip?