Tamra Barney Fires Back at Slade Smiley: LIAR!

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As far as Tamra Barney is concerned, she's totally rubber.

Slade Smiley? He's glue, and anything he says bounces off The Real Housewife of Orange County and sticks to Gretchen Rossi's boyfriend.

These two continue to go at one another in public, as Smiley told E! News this week that Barney is delusional for claiming he doesn't pay child support. He also finds it very creepy that Tamra has contacted Slade's ex-wife, Michelle.

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Barney has now fired back, explaining to the same site that she and Michelle were introduced through a mutual friend and:

"I feel extremely sorry for her and my heart breaks for her and Grayson. Michelle is a very strong woman and went out of her way to contact me today to tell me that she was proud of me for standing up for her and Grayson and to keep my head up."

Does she care about Slade's insults? Yes, although she says otherwise.

"While he accused me of many false and bold lies throughout the entire season, I am not crying to the press about them," she cried to the press. "Why? Simply because his allegations are false. The bottom line is that I don't care what Slade has to say about me. Like Gretchen, he thrives on lies and manipulation."

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None of these women are truly decent poeple but some of them are more awful than others. Gretchen is particularly inhuman, she has a psychopathic personality and is a truly spoilt, greedy specimen. She feels she has no culpability at all and at such a young age already has the hardness of features like a man. Her true ugliness shines through and that's what you see more than any of the overhyped 'beauty'- she's younger than the others, no kids, but looks as old as they. We see the truth ugly lady it's pointless taking out your viciousness on Tamra or any of the others when they expose you. Truth is, regardless of anything they have said or will say, you are you, and you can't change that. You are truly the real villain of the show it's just a pity that this is the only part of you that is not fake. Yuk!


Please please please, will the powers that be take this worthless shite off English television. I object to just about everything connected to this trash, and resent catching even a split second glimpse of the advertisement promoting this utter nonsense. Thank you.


Im sorry but i think Tamra is ignorant and trash. She is vile and rotten to the core. Simon had sense to divorce her. She has no class at all. I believe that she will become a porn star no doubt. Im so surprised that the authorities haven't taken her kids away from her yet. She is a disgrace. The fact that she tried to get Gretchen 'naked drunk' shows just how vile she is and dumb! Did none of her so called friends tell her that Gretchen could have got a law suit against her? I don't understand Vicki. How can some so professional try to become a replica of that fool? I thought she was smarter than that.


Like Tamra said "You can't argue with stupid. “ xD


It is so sad how people have so many negative comments to say. You ladies must be perfect little angel @ B and elle. It makes me sick how people can be so rude and ignorant didn't your mom ever taught you if you dont have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. And if you really are disgusted by tamra and vicki well maybe you should stop watching Rhoc. Go Vicki and Tamra don't let any of these fools slow you down you go girls!


Tamra needs to mind her own business and stop getting involved in other peoples business. She has plenty of her own problems, she is soon a twice divorced, with kids from two different men. She dresses and acts like a 20 year old without kids and looks ridiculous. She doesn't even look pretty, she looks over done and fake. Her behavior and actions are disgusting, I feel very sorry for her kids! I use to like her but it didn't take me long to figure out what she is all about. She isn't a nice person and if you really think so then you should go back and watch ALL the previous seasons and really listen to what she says about others and how she treats some of the other housewives.


Tamra's desperate attempt to constantly point out others faults is only because she has no life. She is a boring, shit talking, no skill having, uneducated moron. Her mom IS trailer trash...with her puffed up alcoholic face. Tamra and Vickis puffed up faces look terible BTW. Has Eddie taken a good look at Tamra's mom?? Yikees


Liar liar liar. I've never seen an uglier person in my life Slade own up to your mistake. Dump your trailer trash whore who you are definitely obsessed with and start over. Everything tamra has to say is true quite trying to deny the truth. Your girlfriend gretchen is only hanging on to you because you are a train dog .


Slade is a disgusting troublemaker if it wasn't for him they probably all would have gotten along. I guess that 15 minute of fame on the show didn't go as plan because we already knew how pathetic you are. You dead beat father. Gretchen you are disgusting for not knocking some sense in that boy. There are jobs out there who cares if it's at a burger joint at least you know it's your hard earn money and maybe you'll appreciate the value of a dollar more. Slade you are making yourself look bad on national television make a turnaround so we can start making nice comments.


Gretchen and slade smiley need to relax. They shouldn't be so subconscious about what Tamra have say if it isn't true. Which I believe everything she says. Because there are paper work to back it up plus rhoc reunion when Tamra called his ex. Slade smiley is SUCH a liar! Gretchen and him go off saying how Tamra doesn't know anything and he does pay child support lmao b.s.