Stephen Colbert on Sarah Palin Bus Tour: WHY?!

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Sarah Palin is busy eating pizza with Donald Trump and fueling rumors of a possible presidential run as she embarks on a bus tour across the eastern U.S.

Among the many people questioning her motives is Stephen Colbert, who questioned last night on The Colbert Report, “Why is this happening!?”

According to Sarah’s website, which Stephen pointed out, the former governor of Alaska is promoting “the fundamental restoration of America.”

Sarah commented that even her youngest daughter, Piper, has been filled with the spirit of their journey, in particular with the work of our first president, George Washington, who worked “so hard to keep his farm running.”

“It’s true,” Colbert agreed. “I cannot imagine how hard he worked with no help other than his African volunteers.” Watch Stephen's full tirade:


Tina Fey made the "Russia from her house" comment, not Sarah Palin. Amazing that some people are so ill informed that they would expect her to "defend that statement."


What's the problem...isn't her husband capable of doing his share of child care. She did her share of bringing in the family income. Get over it.

Wv peach

Just what does she mean by the "fundamental restoration of America"? This is the same woman who saw Russia from her back porch, so I highly doubt she can define that statement.


Since when is "sharing a slice" with The Donald a smart political photo op? Maybe she'll be on the next Celebrity Apprentice.


Sarah can Not help herself. She became addicted to attention back when she was grasping at straws to become VP. The warm reception that she received because of people's curiosity about her went to her head. She Now thrives on Needing that attention. She holds No political office. The office that she was voted into, she quit it to collect millions as a private citizen. As long as she can afford to travel and pay child care, she will continue to bask in the limelight while leaving the responsibility of caring for her younger children to someone else!!

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