Spotted: Blanket, Prince Michael & Paris Jackson!

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Sightings of Michael Jackson's children are becoming less and less noteworthy, which is bittersweet. The intensely private Michael always shielded them from the public, but since his death, they've been living much more open existences.

Prince Michael, Paris Michael and Blanket (real name Prince Michael II), all put on their Sunday best as they left a church service in Los Angeles yesterday:

Prince and Blanket
Paris and Prince Jackson

June 25 marked the two year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. Despite Michael being taken from them too soon, with the help of their extended Jackson family, the kids all seem to be doing extremely well in life.

They have always been regarded as well-raised, well-adjusted kids and the increased normalcy of their lives should only help. Katherine Jackson and their aunts and uncles all deserve a lot of credit, as do the kids themselves.

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Im glad their grandmother has these kids enrolled in school, attending church & doing things other kids may do. Granted their lives will never be normal but thanks to her & surprisingly the family, these kids will have a taste that goes beyond a veil or hidden under a mask.


Wow prince is tall as hell just like his daddy mike . I wish them the best in life they been through so much I lost my dad in 1996 due to AIDS I was ten years old he wasnt gay but he was the biggest cheater in the world let me just say it quite was embrassing to my mother to have been married to someone that died with something like that and the fact the whole town knew didnt make it any better so I know exactly how they feel losing a parent. Mike was a good man and didnt deserve what happened to him, he should be here with his kids not in the ground just like my dad should be here.Thats why I hope justice be serve for mike. RIP MJ miss u


I just love how the media equate being stalked by parapazzi with "normalcy". I was never stalked by a pap as a kid, was my childhood abnormal ? You finally get to make money out of these kids, good for you, but don't try to make it sound like it's good for the kids.

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