Source: Whitney Houston to Die a Horrible Death

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Whitney Houston has faced a number of personal issues over the last few years, most of them drug-related.

But a source is now telling The National Enquirer that the singer is dealing with the most troubling foe of all: emphy­sema.

This insider paints a grim future for the star, saying: "Her doctors are warning her she’ll die a horrible death."

Poor Whitney

While this tabloid isn't exactly known for breaking reliable news, the diagnosis would explain Whitney's disastrous world tour last year, as fans walked out on concerts due to her awful performances.

Houston remains one of the greats, however. What is your favorite song of hers?



They Knew! Amazon released a Book for sale , last night. The Book is entitled: Whitney Houston Dead...where do broken hearts go


The moment I heard that the Princess of R&B has past away tears came to my eyes. Why such a fight such a struggle to be free of pain now She's free my Lord an Savior has her in his arms. May her Beautiful daughter an precious Mom an family be covered with Jesus love. We will
Miss u deeply..


It breaks my heart to hear the beautiful voice is forever silenced. Ive dealt with drug addiction my entire life, whether it was my own addiction or my co-dependiency of someone elses. Addiction is not prejudice, and its important to take responsibility for it. My thoughts and prayers are with Whitneys family, especially her daughter. The Lord will help you through this. He said, blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. God Bless.


Rest in peace my dear.i will always remember you whitney


Whitney would always be remembered among her fans,i remember one of her songs titled i will always love you;In short,she has left a legacy that will keep on burning in my entire universe i pray God to confort her families and her only daughter.Her demise has really created a vacuum in the musical industry around the world she will be missed so much through her inspirational songs you are good rest in peace.


this is one death i will never get over whitney you were my idol the one i looked up to i will always love you true life and death you are always going to be my fav and i will always stay singing your songs as a tribute to you i hope nw you have found peace and are happy nw i love you so much and iff i could change places with you i would you are and always gunna be my hero xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


a very sad news to all the people who was inspired by your songs.May you rest in peace, we will always remember you especially when we hear your songs.Condolence to the family of Whitney.we lost the greatest singer of all time.


I dont believe some people are ment to have tortured lives and some are not.Its because of our own choices that either make your life fool of pain and battles.A life filled with drugs and alcohol will bring exactly that.People should think about things before they do them unfortunately,now days everything is do what feels good as if there is no consiquence.There always is,it can be good or bad,but its always your own choice


Im so sorry to hear thank Whitney has gone she was one whom touch many lives with such a beautiful voice gigantic her by God I will miss her beautiful smile but I will keep her memory alive by listening to to all her songs I ask God to be with the family for I know there pain to lose anyone in the family or friends is a hurting thing a piece of you goes each time so to the family I say again im so sorry and my God grant you the strength to go on I love you all and may Whitney RI.P. ill always remember this the day I first heard The Greatest Love of all.And I will always love you.may God grant peace without love Edith Ross Cisrow.


i will never forget you.your songs remind me that you're a great singer....R.I.P

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