Soulja Boy to White Facebook Stalkers: Go Away!

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On one hand, Soulja Boy makes a decent point in a new online rant:

How big of a loser must you be to become someone's friend on Facebook, solely to post hateful messages regarding that individual's work?

On the other hand... well, the rapper goes a bit far in his latest diatribe, using language that would make Tracy Morgan proud and turning the problem of Internet trolls into a race issue. This is what Soulja Boy posted over the weekend:

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"Maybe I finally said the right shit to get these racist to unlike my page. Fans i'm sorry you had to read this. but we must take a stand. they WILL not treat us like this any longer. I dont give a fuck.

"I'm gonna keep talking sh*t to these white f*ggots until they unlike my page. fucking weirdo stalkers!

just unlike my page and shut the fuck up. let my fans enjoy me. All young black people dont let these faggots discourage you from your dreams! you can be anything you want! DESPITE them always trying to hold us down and talk shit! WE ARE GREAT"

Man. Even LeBron James didn't go there when reacting to his critics.


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What in the hell was that about @black what ever the hell your name was (the comment below this one) No one is worried about stalking you or any other black person dumbass.


Attention Catholic Illuminiti Agency stop stalking my facebook page and cockblocking !! most of you people work at facebook were mouse potato's to the fullest now you stalk blackmen facebook pages yall bisexual dudes a trip. don't stalk me a plot to put me in prison to order gay police put spanish fly in my prison tray so you can watch me jerk off in my cell on your c.i.a. spy cameras. you gay people deserve no rights in government!!! you're sick!!!! facebook perverts!!! cowards!!!


And not once have I seen a white person start a "race war" on articles and blogs. I constantly see blacks making everything a race issue when the story had NOTHING to do with race. AND FOR GOD SAKE QUIT MILKING THIS SLAVE SHIT! You werent slaves so shut the hell up about it, us whites were slaves to not just blacks..if you were a slave then yes you deserve something, but you weren't so you don't deserve shit from us!


Funny how white folks always try to start all-out race wars in comment sections on literally EVERY SINGLE website out there. Rarely do I see non-white people spew brazen racist hate in comment sections AS MUCH as white people (NOT saying they don't). And I'm not talking only about smalltime gossip tabloid sites or blogs, but also hugely popular websites whenever even the SLIGHTEST tinge of race is in the subject matter of whatever is posted, including: TIME magazine, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Youtube (especially). Hell, the posts don't even have to mention anything racial at all and at least one white person will chime in with something from his/her racial slur grab bag. I'm not saying that the MIND-BOGGLING amount and frequency of racist comments by white people is THE reason why they are the worse when it comes to racism, but I think it's safe to say that it's one hell of a barometer to gauge the racist climate in general.


wow i see lots of hate for the stupid nigger coming from other blacks soulja is a just a retard


Courtneyj6 Sorry, but black racism is usually reciprocated by white racism. That is a law of nature "Educate yourself likewise". Not saying he was right but I can understand. Plus it not fare to say "most blacks" because a ton of us are doing well (no media mention of that unless you are Oprah) and get disrespected anyway. You probably don't consider yourself a race hater but your frustration and lack of articulation just made your case dismissive.


I agree with you Soulja Boy, as far as the statement that white people are always trying to hold black people down...Fuck ya racist white Crackers/Hicks!!! It's so funny how white people are quick to call a black person a guys are the fucking Niggers! White people enslaved black people for years and have established institutions that promotes racism against black people. So, some white people are still trying to hold down black people. A Nigger is an ignorant person. White people just try to associate the word Nigger with black people, when really anyone who's ignorant can be a nigger. Lol! There are plenty of White racist Niggers out here. Lol! Fuck them! Go Soulja Boy! You are just excising your first amendment right to express how you feel. At least you are honest about the way you feel! Fuck those dumb whiite Niggers!!!


I TIRED OF BLACK PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN!!!...Im tired of the black man blaming us for being racist! Im tired of the black man always bring us down. Im tired of the black man always being a crybaby. We all effing bleed red. You hear that black men! We all bleed red!


Yeah I never cared much for soulja boy one way or the other but this shouldn't have been a race issue. Like other people said he could easily delete people off his page or just told the hater's to leave him alone. "white people" in general aren't keeping him down. He's probably made alot of money off "white people". Any way he's showing his: ignorance, age, and immiturity. When's the last time he had a hit single anyway.


Ugh. He really didn't need to make this a race issue. He could have just dissed his haters and let it be. The fact that he cares so much about his page means he wants affirmation cuz his career sucks. Way to go dumbass. Not only did you lose white fans, but you also lost gay fans. He throws around the slur faggot with such venom I'm convinced he's a f**king homophobe. He's also gonna lose black fans who hate racists and homophobes too! Just cause I'm black doesn't mean I'm gonna be a fan of someone who plays the race card. I will spread the word to all my peace loving friends as well. Not that we cared about soulja boy much anyway.

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