Soulja Boy Blames Hacking for Racist Facebook Rant

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Soulja Boy wants to make it clear: he does not hate white people or gay people.

These points of view may run counter to the mean-spirited rant that appeared on his Facebook account this week, in which he railed against trolling haters, but the rapper can explain:

He was hacked!

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Boy tells TMZ: "I had administrators on my account that no longer work with me. The hackers used these old accounts to post hateful messages. This was not done by me or anyone on my team and I'm upset that I am being labeled as a racist and homophobic person."

Ah, yes, hacking. How did that excuse play out for Anthony Weiner?

Do you believe Soulja Boy was hacked?


Johnrobert schoen

Don't know why someone would post something where everybody can read it, then deny it. If he truly hated gays and whites, he would just say it.


Hmmm.........maybe he should get a tat of a white dick on his forhead!


I think he did get hacked.... He would never say that....


He's using the oldest line in the book I was hacked whatever he said what he said and now he's seeing that his fans no longer want to listen to his crappy ass music. That's what happens when you pull the race card and for one who is he to talk like he's been on this earth long enough to feel that way he's still a baby so that's why he acted the way he did.Because he still is a child but he's trying to act like a grown person. He still sucks in my eyes and for one I don't listen to his crappy ass music if you call it that.


I think he could have been hacked!! I'm sure he isn't THAT dummb!!! Due to the fact that he's aware that he has gayy and white fans!! And when it comes to getting money why would he want to ruin that?


I love it. Its the buzz excuse of the moment. I was hacked! But it could be true.

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