So You Think You Can Dance Review: When Judges Attack...

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So You Think You Can Dance became So You Think You Can Survive last night.

The excitement of the contestants called back to Las Vegas for seven grueling rounds of auditions was quickly replaced by a montage of blood, ambulances, tears and an angry Laurie Ann Gibson trying to rip weak dancers in half.

Robin Antin, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lithgoe were all on hand to whittle the hopefuls down to 30...

Hip to the Hop

The Main Storylines
The Mallory Sisters - We saw a lot of Sasha and Natalia, the siblings we met last week that often hit each other. The two performed the first solo as a group and made it through. While Sasha easily advances (who needs technique doing the Jive anymore?), Natalia suffered from a physically weak partner in the Jive and was forced to perform with Professor Lot, who was physically stronger and succeeded with lifts.

Things started to get cloudy for Natalia as she found out that she had diabetes and, while she survived the group round, she was given a free pass to the final solo. I'd be shocked if the two were the last to find out their fate in the green mile.

The Former Contestants - We started the episode Ivetta, Ballroom Dancing's last hope, playing a naughty cop. From there, while she had some minor bumps, her toned legs helped her fly through the rest of the competition. Getting past the stages worked well for the once-angry Jeremiah (from Season Four), but not so much for Arielle his partner in Choreography. Finally, watching Ryan Ramirez struggle her way through with a busted coccyx was pretty painful, but she, like a lot of the former auditions, deserves another shot.

Wadi Jones - Our resident parkour specialist and break dancer managed to survive each round with positivity and hard work. His lack of real experience with things like jive was shadowed by his enthusiasm for the dance. I don't know why his legs were cramping on day one, but he recovered and the issue was never brought up again. He was the standout hip-hop dancer, outside of Professor Lot (who looked to have made it all the way) and the unsuccessful DC.

The Cut Contestants - I'm actually happy that Alexis Mason was cut. She had the physicality and the talent, but she gave no emotion. Jeanine had a nice emotional squint that she lacked. Of others, I was shocked when Chyna Smith was cut because she falls under that stereotypical contemporary blonde.

Who To Lookout For... For the girls Jordan Casanova was quite sexy during her small segments; I'd expect her to make it to the top 20. As for the guys, Jess LeProtto, the Broadway dancer, didn't have too much time, but clearly succeeded through the Vegas rounds; he's young and has a bright smile, which is the perfect combination for getting the female vote.

All my money is on Ivetta and I hope that she finally makes it through as that one female Ballroom contestant. How about you?


please please please I beg you take Mary Murphey out of the show, she talks more than the other judges,is the show dedicated its time for her???!!. please somebody tells her stop laugh like that, everytime she starts to talk I have to hold my ears or mute the tv or fast forward, her face her teath, her voice and her laughs all are annoying.


This show will be much better if Mary Murphy leaves the show. She doesn't fit for this show,she better goes home and do house chore. She makes me, my friends, family and collegue nervous especially with her annoying laughs and nonesence shouts.


My vote is Jess. I predict he will be the best all around dancer, refreshing to have a Broadway style in the show again. Kudos to all the dancers, they are awesome.


i love this show...makes dancing with the stars dance look horrible...these kids are really fav show ...


Love Wadi and Jess! Favorites since the beginning! :)


Some surprising eliminations but Vegas week is grueling. Kudos to the 31 who made it all the way through. Tonight we find out who makes the top 20. Best dance competition series!!! These kids work so hard.


Last night was good, but it's weird that they dropped Chyna. I'm glad Jeremiah is succeeding, and I hope Wadi, Natalia and Ivetta make it to top 30. Dang, this is the best and most grueling reality tv competition out there. It's like applying to med school.

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