Slade Smiley on Tamra Barney: Delusional!

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Slade Smiley is sick of the accusations.

The boyfriend of Gretchen Rossi is the father of 10-year-old Grayson Arroyo-Smiley, who has been diagnosed with diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer. As of February, court documents showed that Smiley owed his ex-wife $139,000 in child support payments, prompting to Tamra Barney to label Slade as a deadbeat dad.

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi

But Smiley has provided forms to E! News that prove his responsibilities are now being met, and he's lashing out at anyone who says otherwise.

"I can let everything Tamra says roll off my back for the most part because she doesn't have much credibility,"
Smiley says. "However, when it comes to making an accusation about me and the support of my sick son in a global manner, I think that is beyond reprehensible and she has gone way too far."

Barney has actually attempts to contact Smiley's ex-wife, which Slade believes is "creepy." He adds:

"I believe Tamra is delusional and willing to do anything and everything to stay in front of the camera and stay on TV no matter whether it hurts her kids or the people around her."



sad but true, lola is spot on. when did tamra become slade's ex's child support champion? creepy indeed. she is just deflecting from her own bizarre self absorbed behavoir. she is a miserable person. eddie you awake yet?
gretchen is young, independent, fun and hard working. jealous much tamra? it is plain to see. as well, tamra's face IS looking frozen, bloated and frightening. give me wrinkles over that chemical facial cocktail any day.


what i know of these two is what is on tv. And what that says is Tamra is a old washed up hag who is aging really bad!!! and needs to mind her own horrible life!! tamra your kids will grow up watch you on the oc. houswives boxset and hate you! for how you brought their lives and personal matters into the public and acted like a drunken sleeze. I have watched this show from the start and i really hated slade, but you are actually making him look pretty good these days! do the bravo audience a favor and skip next season! take care of your kids and stop with the facial fillers!!!


@Lisa, Tamra works as a real estate agent and doesn't receive child support from her ex! Are you just delusional or just want too see things different because you don't like her!!! But I'll believe Slade has a job when he proves it to us! He doesn't say where he is working! Did he pay $5 towards the $138,000 he owes and now thinks he should get a pat on the back!!!!

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