Slade Smiley on Tamra Barney: Delusional!

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Slade Smiley is sick of the accusations.

The boyfriend of Gretchen Rossi is the father of 10-year-old Grayson Arroyo-Smiley, who has been diagnosed with diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer. As of February, court documents showed that Smiley owed his ex-wife $139,000 in child support payments, prompting to Tamra Barney to label Slade as a deadbeat dad.

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi

But Smiley has provided forms to E! News that prove his responsibilities are now being met, and he's lashing out at anyone who says otherwise.

"I can let everything Tamra says roll off my back for the most part because she doesn't have much credibility," Smiley says. "However, when it comes to making an accusation about me and the support of my sick son in a global manner, I think that is beyond reprehensible and she has gone way too far."

Barney has actually attempts to contact Smiley's ex-wife, which Slade believes is "creepy." He adds:

"I believe Tamra is delusional and willing to do anything and everything to stay in front of the camera and stay on TV no matter whether it hurts her kids or the people around her."


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sorry to say I don't see Gretchen as a nice person on any level, Slade is a looser, Tamra is a mess and needs some counselling. Alexis (& what's with her donkey husband?)is on another planet like Kelly fron NY or they are well medicated. I agree that Peggy is a great lady as is Lorri. Jenna also needs to mind her own business as does Tamra. Gretchen is also an instigator and vengful. Vicky has been taking care of business for so long she forgets that she doesn't have to do it all anymore, and I'm glad Jo is no longer on, she is empty, once you get past the looks there isn't much there. Tamra may be jelous, I can imagine it could be hard aging in OC. Simon was never a nice person, maybe he should have managed the money better and discussed the issues so things didn't get out of hand. oh and I think Lynn is a decent person with a real life. I don't watch regularly but that is my impression of what we get to see.


Tamara is stupid vikki will be alone for the rest of her life donn will remarry. Why does anyone but slades ex care about his child support payments? Tamara is so ridiculous and her and that Eddie guy make me want to vomit. Gretchen is cool and Alexis makes no sense and has no point and Peggy is just there


Tamra is not aging well at all. She looks hard, trashy and used up. I don't care for Slade, but his life is none of anyone's business. Alexis is married to a jerk and can't see it and she appears to be very jealous of Peggy. I think Peggy and Gretchen are the only two ladies on this show with any class. I probably won't watch anymore as it seems to have turned into the Tamra does Eddie show. Yuck


I think Slade Smiley is the slimiest person alive. I don't believe a thing he says. Reality does not fit with what he says. Slade and Gretchen deserve each other.


I use to like Vicki because she never took any crap from anybody, but now she and Tamra are nothing but bullies. Alexis needs a reality check, her husband is a pig. Peggy and Gretchen are the only two who appear to have their lives in some sort of order. Not sure I can watch much more of Tamra and her trashy self. Simon should feel lucky to be free of her.


Am i missing something? Slade doesnt pay anything towards his child coz hes too busy bed hopping from 1 housewife to the next, to rack up a bill like that he clearly has no shame. Yet ur all boring yourselves with hatred for tamra. Wake up


Tamara is white trash...just look at her, her mom, come on. Slade nailed it when he said she is sucking off of others. She has nothing as is nothing. Gretchin you rock. You and Simon's new girl would have a lot of fun together. Vicky is old and ugly and Don is handsome and will get a cutie to fill his love tank for hours on end, no doubt.


Someone mentioned Tamara not getting child support from Simon. She never said anything about Alimony and don't tell me when this is all settled she is going to choose to walk away with nothing. But really is it any of her business. The way my husband ex will tell it that he is an awful father that doesnt love his son. Lets all my honest these people get 15,000 a month in child support as far as I am concerned and not that it's my business but if you loose your job how would you pay? Everyone should just stay out of it. We don't know the real story and I doubt we ever will!!!


Yah, What does Tamara do for a living? Real Estate Agent? Yeh right honey. Shes a whore, her children should be ashamed of mommy. Tamara and Vicki are the bullies this season. And just remember how they all picked on Vicki last season. I felt sorry for Vicki, until now. Tamara is so jealous of Gretchen and it shows.


When I saw Tamra resort to the antics she did last night on Part 2 of the reunion, it was beyond sad. Tamra is every peice of crap she accuses others of being and points the finger at everyone without realizing at the same time 3 of her own fingers are pointing back at herself.
Slade is doing what he has to do and she refuses to accept that Slade and Gretchen are doing the right thing.
Tamra and slades X are sad

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