Slade Smiley on Tamra Barney: Delusional!

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Slade Smiley is sick of the accusations.

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    Slade was a loser, is a loser and always will be. He was so fake and full of it.


    Slade is mooching off Gretchen, and what kind of father is he not to be taking care of his son? Oh, yea....a total loser is what Slade is.


    slade smiley is the greatest con man of the 20th century. he has no job, calls himself a concusltant to corporations, has got on an reality tv show with no talent in any way. it seems he is trying to
    manage gretchens career which is going nowhere. he owes child support and it seems his only income is from rhoc. after that show goes off the air, what will he do to stay in the limelight?


    The truth came out on the reunion that slade is a terrible father and is riding gretchens ass for some air time. If he cares so much about his son he should have used his talent to make some money, but again with his excuse. He's a loser who sits at home and does shit. He needs to get a job and stop worrying about gretchen


    Tamra get a life you sad cow leave slade alone/ if he is such a bad dad then it is up to his son to make his mind up when he is older .and his ex wife should not go into the limelight and peraide her son when he is ill ithear. It is hard for kids to realise that there moms or dead beat dads do things like this anyway. sad that she puts her son out there as a weapon agaist his dad poor child i do feel sorry for him having parents like that


    Im from england and I get £5 a week child support from my ex. These women should count thier blessing and appreciate the life they have instead of ripping on other people like the drama on the show though :)


    Please please please get Slade the man whore off the show. Go get a job and take care of your kids. How can he say that Tamra only wants to be on tv when he bounces from one housewife to another to be on tv and even has a show about finding a boyfriend for his ex. Jo. You have no time for a woman because you need to work around the clock to pay your child support.


    In my opinion, Simon should get full custody of the children, it is apparent that Tamara has more than one screw loose. She is throwing accusations left right and centre and drinks in faces as well. Impossible for anyone to act like that and get away with it. She thinks she is some sort of porno queen instead of a needy twit.


    seems like karma is cathing all the real skanky hoc, i read peggy's house is on the repo block. wasn't it her hubby who said "people should just live within their means" when bashing jim & alexis repo with tamra & creepy eddie in vegas? now vicki's boyfriend is a deadbeat dad, tamra won't say a word about him, she'd have to pull her head out of vicki's @ss first. bravo should cancel oc, bh is much better! at least send nasty tamra packing, like to see her try & get a REAL job.


    Not watching any more can't stand Vicki and Tamara. They are jealous that Slade never hit on their old asses. And if Slade never pays child support it's none of the old whores business.

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