Shera Bechard Introduced by Hugh Hefner as "New Girlfriend"

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Move over, Anna Sophia Burgland. Not too far. Just a little closer to the edge of the bed.

Just a couple days after Hugh Hefner labeled this Playmate as his "best girl," the magazine magnate has Tweeted that he has a "new girlfriend." Say hello to Shera Bechard!

Shera Bechard Photo
A Smirking Hef

Sources first linked Bechard to Hef last week, but this is the first time Hefner has officially given her a title. Let's just hope he doesn't give her anything she needs to see a doctor about!

Bechard is a native of Canada who loves to travel and is "looking forward to having a big house someday," according to her website.  She hates when people mistake her "shyness for snobbery."

How does Crystal Harris feel about her ex's growing stable of women?

"I was replaced the day after I left," she Tweeted. "Expected."

[Photo: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures]

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she looks like holly for the world. hefner needs to get back with holly .they were good for each other.they set off each other great.


she looks like holly for the world .i think hefner needs to get back with holly they just was good for each other.


Boy! Oh! Boy! If she doesn't look like Holly Madison! Yep! She sure does! Good Luck Hef!!


GROSS!!!! who the hell does that old man!!!GROSS!!!


Is it me or does she look a little like Holly Madison?


Of course anything he chooses to set his eyes on is a gold digger. That is the type of ladies is he attracted to. If maybe he would go for more a middle aged woman he might find one with a little more morals rather than $$$. But hey its his money and if he wants to blow is all for a quick f**k then let him. He is old and one day going to die like the rest of us to let him live it the way he wants to.


how can anyone take him seriously?


Here is a zany idea! How about Hugh date a woman somewhat close to his own age??? Sorry, that was a completely stupid idea. Why would he ever want to actually be able to relate to his partner?


@ Hef:
I congratulate you for being able to still attract a New fox, but since you were in a engagement period with Crystal before she left your den, you should take your time (at least a couple of weeks) before trying on another "young" woman for size.I know that some of these women may be readily available, but you Need to take a cooling off period before rushing into your Next great romance. PEACE!!


he's back.

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