Selena Gomez Talks Career, Internet and Shia LaBeouf

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Selena Gomez has many opinions on many topics. She shares a few in the latest issue of Billboard Magazine, actually NOT touching on Justin Bieber for a change...

On singing vs. acting: "I have been juggling acting and signing for two-and-a-half to three years. But I have to start over in some areas. It’s interesting to start taking risks, to grow up through my music.”

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On technology: "I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. I don’t like it in general - it’s vicious. But it’s also incredibly that I can connect with fans, because I love to hear their feedback and let them know about my life."

Whose career does she admire? “[Shia LaBeouf]. He did it really well. He’s talented and doing wonderful things. Everybody has their own vision of how they want things to play out."

Name a career goal: "Eventually I hope to make a record in Spanish. I don’t do anything that’s not organic.”


i love selena and she is very talented from the begining.she is a awesum singer and actress n we all r with u sel!!love u a lot


Why does everyone always have to bring Justin up? Is so annoying. She's her own fucking person!! Damn!!
And justin was a little nobody when she started... She was a little kid when she started acting on Barney so her fame is nor because of Justin... Is his 15 minutes almost up? It happened to many... Miley, the Jonas brothers... Blah blah blah...


I think shes a great singer and she will make it know she will do her best and show her fans that she can do it.So I count on her.


Selena will make this transition very well because she has a good head on her shoulders and is a very determined, hard worker. Let her love life be and just look at what she's accomplished, more than most do their whil career and she's just starting.


okay not trying to be rude but becuz of her relationship her popuarlty is going lower and lower and whatever u see of her is about justin bieber too and people might have differnt opions but i have mine and she is a great actress but she is not going to be that high anymore bucuz she is dating justin


Shia made the jump from child actor to adult actor successfully.. I don't think she will be as successful at this move.. she is just a kid and and the kids choice award are givin by kids votes.. I'm not hating just telling the truth..


you can hate all you want and blame her sucess on her relationship as much as you want (even though she had won two emmys, 15 acting-related awards, peoples choice for best music gooup and all that BEFORE bieber) but you can NEVER take away all that she has accomplished at this young age. haters gonna hate, but you can never let their hate stop you from chasing a dream. Selena, if you read this, know that those who hate on you are prepubescent (mostly Bieber-obessed) teens, and those who support you and pray for your continued success are more mature (like myself), probably older than you (like me) and we ill always be there as long as you believe in yourself. I actually thought of creating a twitter just so i culd tell you this directly, but the chances are thin and my time is limited so I will hope you read this one day.


I don't think she is lame.she is a very good person.


Selena Gomez is not lame shes is a great actress and singer and will go far in life


Why is she so lame? Seriously.

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