Selena Gomez Returns to Hospital for Blood Pressure Tests

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She isn't pregnant. Nor has she come down with Bieber Fever.

Instead, sources say Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night - and then returned there again yesterday - due to concerns over high blood pressure.

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Doctors have not yet discovered the basis for Selena's nausea and headache, which landed her under their care to begin with last week, following an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

She hopes to perform for fans on Monday at Santa Monica Place, which would kick off a 10-city tour for the artist. Let's hope she makes it and is feeling fine!


The super sperm coment is a joke so relax.. Hey after all, we are reading a celebrity GOSSIP website so don't take this stuff so seriously! You're so up tight!


You people are f-in stupid to think she's pregnant. People go to the hospital all the time. Wow she goes to hospital and all the sudden "Oh she's pregnant. Just Bieber has super sperm" Grow Up all ready people! What the f*ck have you guys been smokin??


stop saying she is preggnant! SHES NOT! if u look other places it says shes not pregnant! u guys are being s-t-u-p-i-d stupid! she wouldnt lie about high blood sugar!
i hope u feel better selena!


Being prego does not cause high blood pressure. I don't much like either her or Bieber but I do feel for her. I was only 21 when I found out my blood pressure was dangerously high. It's not always due to stress, lack of exercise or bad eating habits, especially in someone so young. There are many underlying medical conditions that can cause it and I'm sure her Drs will find the cause. I am surprised she is in the hospital though, most people with high blood pressure feel fine and don't know anything is wrong. At any rate, I know it's a scary thing to face so young and I wish her all the best.


Wtf she is not pregnant! Im lmao at these stupid comments! if selena is at the hospital, so what! People go to the hospital all the time!


she is not pregnant...if u dont understand whats the causes of high blood pressure..then, dont talk anything wrong about selena
we al love u selena


Beebs got that supa sperm! They were jus on vacation like 2 weeks ago! Oow! Pop champagne!


ofcourse shes pregnant,blood pressure is js a cover up. i hope its a baby boy


why the hell does she have high blood pressure?? Shes too young! Plus she doesnt even work that hard.


She is NOT preganat u guys!!I hope she feels better,Justin with her???

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