Selena Gomez Possibly Praises Justin Bieber, Disses Nick Jonas in New Single

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Selena Gomez has released her latest single online, and it appears to get far more personal than any of her past hits.

Titled "Bang Bang Bang," the track seems to take a shot at ex Nick Jonas, while giving props to new boyfriend Justin Bieber. Listen to it below and then read a few lines and see what we mean:

My new boy used to be a model, he looks way better than you, he looks way better than you.
His love is deeper you know. He's a real keeper you know.

My new boy knows the way I want it.
He's got more swagger than you, he's got more swagger than you do.

He's not hiding me.
He's showing me off you know?

Might this be a reference to Bieber's notorious swagger coach? And it's pretty clear Justin has no problem at all showing Selena off, isn't it?


ur right..blackswanx3..


Skank Ho


i hate this song , you is with justin and you believes that it is better than nick jonas but when it will not be with you in that you go look some one else , did you gonna sing one song like this one for justin ? ... I love you much selena , but ...


Leave her alone reality is a a singer they write music to express how they feel. I like her & I bet none of you know justin, selena, or nick personally...He could've treated her like crap. You never know. I love it.


Bitch is a singing VD public service announcement.


“I’ve moved on to the next one? “Then why are you making a song about it?


eewww... this song is total crap... but it is true that jb shows her OFF.. N i mn off...!!! LOL... but still nick was much better.. jb looks like he's wd his elder sister... lol..!!!


I adore Selena, really.. but this song dosen't mean anything to me, Who says went straight into your heart, while this one is just pointless.


These songs are like tattoos.When you break up they are there to stay.17 and 19, seriously?


the song is written very's not clever like other songs ive heard.she might as well publish her diary...i like selena but this is a bit too much in your face and its my least favorite song of hers...
however i may end up singing this song if i experience another break up but i would be more subtle in my songs.its like the song wasnt written for anyone because it's so specific as to who she is talking about.

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