Selena Gomez on Meeting Shia LaBeouf: OMG!

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According to Shia LaBeouf, he made Megan Fox scream in a certain manner away from the Transformers set a couple years ago.

But the actor elicited a similar, far more innocent response from Selena Gomez during an encounter with the singer/actress.

Gomez first admitted her crush on her fellow star in August 2008. It took a few years, but her friends surprised her recently on video by setting up a meeting with LaBeouf, who told Selena:

"Thanks for being so sweet to me. You're really sweet to me."

Selena played it cool when the pair first met, but later told her pals in private: "He's so cute. Oh my gosh, he's so handsome."

Uh-oh. Should Justin Bieber be concerned?!?


justin sucks n shia rocks. .he was nt lik bieber ooglin at her. . he was sweet to her. . see hw she reacted after . .did justin made her feel dat way, ? . ? nevr .


Am i the only one who don`t` see Shia handsome at all???
His very talented,very good actor,i liked him in Indiana Jones alot but his face is blahhhh to me


Rooting for Shia definitely... He was sweet and she was adorable... Justin Who???
Sel is ahhmazin


that was the cutest reaction. she walked out and slapped her moms hand...thats what i wouLd do i if i ever met her!!! i'd be shocked and probably walk out the room thinkin i was crazy...too cute, this is why i love her!!! ROCK ON SELENA


Biebs is a boy. Shia is a badboy. LOL


shia's a 'real man'? omg...what country do you live in


Shia, now that's a real man! Not Justin Bieber. Go for it Selena!

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