Selena Gomez Music Video Release: "Love You Like a Love Song"

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Selena Gomez says shooting the video for "Love You Like a Love Song" was the "craziest thing I've ever done."

"Sometimes when you’re in love," she added, "there are things you can’t really explain and it doesn’t make sense. That’s how I feel when I’m in love.”

And it sounds very much like Selena is feeling exactly that with days, due to her relationship with a certain 17-year old singer. Without angering Beliebers any further, though, we'll simply present the official, full-length video of Gomez's latest single. Enjoy!

Selena also wants you to visit her on the set of the shoot. It was filmed over three days in Los Angeles and Malibu. Go behind the scenes with the artist below:

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o c'mon it doesn't really matter that shez elder, the main problem is that she looks wayyyyy older n he looks like a kid....!!!!lolzzz...!!! n besides i think she looks like his elder sister or something.....!!! hmmm....well she got wt she wanted, that is more fame through JB...!!! hmmm.... didn't any1 notice that b4 no1 knew this girl n wn she started dating JB booooommmm..... every1 noticed her.... so their both usin each other although selenaz using part is heavier....!!! ooo welllll.....!!! LMAO....!!!! ;-)


@ PuritanPrude, come on! You're only upset becuase she is the one who is older older. It wouldn't bother you if he was almost 19 and she was 17. GET OVER IT! A cougar is a middle aged woman dating a younger man with an age gap of ten years or more... this doesn't qualify. People need to get over the age difference and recogonize that both Selena and Justin are very talented and will hopefully have long careers ahead of them. They are 17 and 18, it's verry unlikely that they will get married anyway so just let the relationsip run it's course. Either they stay together or they don't either way who am I to judge? The heart wants what the heart wants... good luck guys! I'm not really a fan of Selena or Justin but I will admit that she does have a few songs I think are pretty good, this one included.


Bravo!!!... One of the rare articles that mention that he is 17 years old...A 17 year old minor...A scrawny 17 year old minor. What does a less that 1 month shy of 19 girl want with a scrawny 17 year old minor? Love, sex or publicity? Or is she practicing to be a Cougar? It's going to be about 7 months till the scrawny 17 year old minor will be an 18 year old scrawny boy. What are the odds that Gomez...the Cougar in training...will be pregnant?