Selena Gomez Meets the Biebers

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Things are getting serious for Jelena. And we aren't just referring to this week's controversial foot massage.

Just back from Hawaii, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent time with the former's family in Canada over Memorial Day Weekend, as cameras caught the couple hanging out with Justin's half-siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon, and his father, Jeremy.

Jelena Kiss

"They looked like one big happy family," an onlooker told Us Weekly. "The little kids took to Selena straight away and they were all laughing and joking around. They couldn't have been happier."

These two have been more and more affectionate over the last few weeks, a sign that the pairing is here to stay.

We're quite happy for both Bieber and Gomez - and just hope that long-time, loyal fans feel the same.


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eewww.... come on people she looks like his elder sister.. their using each other 4 publicity..!! justinz a star n all he gets is a girl who usez him...hahaha.. their both overexposed...LOL...


I think he does.


I wonder if that skinny little bitch swallows.


I don't care. Find something else to talk about.


It's an opinion and it's a free country. Who made you the thought police? Who the hell are you to chastise anyone as to what they "need" or "don't need" to be? Gee, that almost fits the bullying criteria. And, BTW, you all were just as adamant about Ricky Martin's heterosexuality. Believe me, those with lifelong gaydar can tell long before the tweeny boppers figure it out.


They look cute together!


To 'Oh, the hectic blah blah blah' What? So she's a slut and he's... gay? I don't think so. I'm no fan of either of them but no need for that kind of talk. No need to be a bully.


Nice photo. You can hardly notice that Beebie just threw up in her mouth. He needs to work harder on his Ricky Martin visualization every time this slut tries to plant one on him.