Selena Gomez: I Never Wanted to Be a Role Model

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Being a role model was never on Selena Gomez's to-do list.


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    selena gomez a role model. (hell yes; a bad role model).so is taylor and the like.they are been taken to hell on rail tracks and with smiles on their faces.


    You don't have to be a role model, you don't have to be disney's princess, you don't have to be a teeny bopper....

    Just don't do another slutty role like in Spring Breakers, and if you pick up any habits the director of that fuckup taught you, you WILL be a role model.


    Selena is my role model she does nice things for people, but since she was with Justin bieber she changed. I don't know if those pictures are edited to look bad but there is no proof about it so far. She is now 97% my role model. Before she was 100%. Those pictures are bad but it does not have to be real so she is 97% my role model. She is better a role model than miley I am sure everyone will agree to this but Selena please be aware of the paparazzi. I'm sure they make celebs. life also I don't mean to hurt you, u are my favourite singer and actress but also please be your normal self. No one is perfect you say that yourself. I yearn to meet you and get your autograph but I don't know if you will fulfill my dream. Which is also to try to be your old self which you are but not 100% your old self. If I hurt your feelings I am so so so so so so so sorry. Xoxo your #2 fan


    dear hollywood gossip web site ,hi my name is david conway and my coments to here is that i will try to be as much nicer i can say about selena gomez ,my self i do have to agree that selena gomez is not that great role model , and let,s be the basic honset here just about , 1 / desparte to have a boy friend to have man just for her dreams , but come on she,s only 19 years of age and i do feel like she is also A NASTY WOMEN , LOVE DAVID CONWAY


    selena u should brake up with Bieber and go out with me i am super hot


    Selena is a great role model and she has a head big enough to hold all her dreams and at the same time be able to pick out a dress for justin.


    oh and SELENA GOMEZ get a tan and while your at it get some plastic surgery for that shmashed face of yours


    omg i hate having the same name as this girl.she is a slut,a whore,and she's not so beautiful she sort of pretty and if you observe what she does she's immitating the other selena.but if she wants to fuck justin bieber theres absolutley nothing you can do about it.y sopprised most teen stars end up sexual,wild =)plus her vioce isnt so good either.her songs dont really blend in todays music and she's just a disney star is her career going somewhere after that plus she whispers in her songs and breathes into them when she sings it sounds like she's struggling.and who knows maybe she's just whith justin for more popularoty she's an actor she can do it..


    I really, really, really hope this double-standards with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez stop immediately. Whenever Miley is spotted in a bikini kissing her boyfriend, she is immediately called a whore, a slut, whatever. Selena, in terms of comportement, is frolicking with her boyfriend in the ocean doing some PRETTY intimate act, and I mean PRETTY INTIMATE, but everyone seems to be pretty supportive of their relationship. Just wow at the bias!


    @MitaJ aka repressive puritan: Just because a female starlet wants to have sex with her boyfriend doesn't mean she's a slut. Women have the right to express and explore their sexuality. The only time that sexuality becomes inappropriate is when the girl (or guy) is hooking up with married men, (or women) cheating on their spouse, or having lots of casual sex. But it's not wrong for an actress or singer to show skin or express their thoughts in their music, sexual or otherwise.

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