Sean Bean Stabbed in Bar Fight

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Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings tough guy Sean Bean was stabbed in a bar fight the other night, but refused medical treatment. Bad ass!

The actor reportedly came to the aid of his model companion after a fellow pub-goer made some untoward comments on her topless posing past. 

Fortunately, Bean, whose character was central to this week's episode of Game of Thrones, wasn't badly hurt in the altercation, it turned out.

Sean Bean Pic

A melee ensued after Bean, 52, came to the aid of Playboy bunny April Summers, 22, and the actor was ultimately stabbed outside the London pub.

Bean and Summers went outside Camden's Hill Bar and Brasserie to smoke, when a passerby spotted the duo and began making lewd comments.

Bean confronted the big talker, who left, but returned later on, at which point a scuffle broke out, and Bean was reportedly punched in the face.

The actor was also stabbed in the arm with broken glass. Despite his wounds, Bean refused medical attention and opted not to go to a hospital.

Instead, the actor kindly accepted a first aid kit from the bar staff, then ordered another drink. Sometimes art really does imitate life.



To be fair, i was massively upset upon reading that and reacted with emotion, so sorry for my brashness. my words were harsh but your words [Free Britney] were just plain disgraceful. i understand that a gossip columnist always must have next week's information today but to spoil such a good book and tv show is beyond me. i'm currently reading the book and then will watch the show so it's a huge smack in the face to read such a blatant disregard for common courtesy.


Tom may be a little rude but he has a valid point. Why would you spoil the end of Game of Thrones


What the fucking fuck is your problem posting a pissing news story like that and spoiling Game of Thrones for people that read it? You're a fucking cock. What a stupid tit you are.