Ryan Dunn Cause of Death: Blunt, Thermal Trauma

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The Chester County (Pa.) Coroner’s Office confirms that Jackass star Ryan Dunn and his friend Zachary Hartwell died from accidental “blunt and thermal trauma” in their car accident early Monday morning.

Dunn’s 2007 Porsche careened into a patch of trees, then burst into flames.

Ryan Dunn at Jackass Premiere

The toxicology report is not yet complete, so questions over his blood alcohol content will not be resolved until the full autopsy is released in six weeks.

Dunn tweeted a picture of himself at a bar just hours before the accident, and his alleged drinking and driving has spawned a great deal of controversy.

Very soon after the crash, Roger Ebert of all people fired off a Tweet that said "friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive." Bam Margera was livid.

Yesterday, Ebert acknowledged fault in a blog post, recognizing his poor timing and word choice, but simultaneously stood by his broader point.

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equal parts sad, angry, and disappointed


This infor has been out for a day. Why are you reporting on old news. Wait your a shitty hollywood news gossip site. U suck and ur readers are fags


"Dunn tweeted a picture of himself at a bar just hours before the accident, and his alleged drinking and driving has spawned a great deal of controversy." Oh come on. The guy was obviously doing something he shouldn't have been doing. LIKE DRIVING WAYYY OVER THE SPEED LIMIT? Drunk or not he took someone else's life and that isn't right.


Good Lord...what if - in his seriously drunken stupor - this man would have taken out a family, a child, or any other innocent? Thank God it was 3:00 a.m. and the only ones dead are he and a friend...Roger Ebert was right - Why did anyone in that bar let him get behind the wheel? The term "Jackass" was a play on words as that's what those guys call themselves. This is a huge shame as no one deserves to die in such a conflagration, but it was very avoidable. Lots of lessons to be learned here. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!


@ lyndia robinson
Shouldn't slam him? Is that what you would say to the family of the man he killed? Can someone explain how Ryan is innocent and why the not-famous-person he killed doesn't count?
I feel very very sad for both of the families and the victim, Not for Ryan. He's fully responsible for his own death AND the death of someone else.


My sympathy for ryans friends and family may god be with you all ryan dunn will be eternally missed by everyone. He was a joy to many many fans . Rest in peace ryan


This is very very sad, Ryan was 34 , life is way too short..Why slam him for drinking and driving, hello the worse has happened and he was an adult , Im pretty damn sure if he knew he was going to die , he wouldnt of drove..Dont slam the man, he's dead and nothing can change that..MAY YOU R.I.P RYAN DUNN AND MR HARTWELL, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND FANS ARE IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS


This is very sad for all involed..Just goes to show WHY YOU SHOULDNT DRINK AND DRIVE....RYAN DUNN WILL BE MISSED VERY MUCH..