Russell Crowe on Circumcision: Barbaric, Anti-God!

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Celebrities are all up in God's business these days.

First, Gwyneth Paltrow wondered if the bible truly preached intolerance against homosexuals.

Now, Russell Crowe is speaking up for the Big Guy Himself and asking about circumcision: What the heck, people?!?

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“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid," the Oscar winner Tweeted yesterday. "Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect. I will always stand for the perfection of babies, i will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires."

And if you disagree with Crowe? If you dare take a scalpel to your child's private part?

"Unfollow and f-ck off," the actor wrote. "I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism."

At least he's a man who stands up for his convictions, we guess. What do you think? Circumcision is...



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@Katt or Talk 2 some guy who is circumsized then talk 2 one that isnt and I can tell u that the one who had nerve endings cut off in their foreskin will say that his sexual exper.could be better...they cut off nerves...its not 100% without having ur entire penis meaning foreskin...ok u say its a godly thing to do...ya okay why did he make them that way?? just to have a human mutilate it. makes no sense..Were Born This Way u can be born gay? but u can't be born with extra skin on ur penis? lol lol lol It is a Barbaric and painful procedure where they clamp their legs down use only small local cream 4 pain and cut off a huge amount of skin...CHECK OUT NOCIRC.COM IF U DONT BELIEVE ME...IGNORANT IDIOTS....ITS CHILD ABUSE...Y DONT WE START CIRCUMSIZING YOUNG GIRL BABIES TOO....FREAKS..ITS ALL ABOUT HOW IT LOOKS...


@survivor seriously? Being uncircumcised makes sex better? How the hell would you know?! ever had a circumcised penis? WB an uncircumcised one?! There has been research showing that this is not true!
In the end it's up to parents to make the decision... Don't like circ's dont do it


The poll is stupid. There is no option for if you think it is bad, but that having nothing to do with "god". If you want to cut off your foreskin when you're a consenting adult, go for it. Don't do it to people too young to agree. Whoever wrote this article should be fired.


Jesus was taken 10 days after he was born to the temple to get curcumsised by the way the new law says to do it! God Told Abraham to curcumsise all nations! I am a Christian and it is not against God at all!!


I dont know where u idiots ever heard its better hygiene to be if u clean urself properly u have nothing to worry about...this is stupid AND IT SAYS NOTHING IN THE BIBLE ABOUT CUTTING OFF FORESKIN AFTER BIRTH...LOL i challenge u to read me the script.where it says that....Not being circumsized makes ur penis bigger what man wouldnt want that??? And it makes sex feel a hell of a lot my 2 boys,my bf and my dad were and are not circumsized and NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER HAD AN INFECTION EVER!


circumcision is necessary for hygene and its also biblical genesis 17:10-14 from the lord himself.


Smegma Alert, if someone is uncut that have the option to retract the skin once puberty has reached. It will look exactly as a cut penis. What can I say, IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!!


People need to take the time to EDUCATE! Guess what people, kids get ear infections. Do you cut their ears off? NO!!! The penis was meant to be intact and circ'ing is solely done for cosmetic reasons. Depending on what side of the ocean you are standing on, this topic wouldn't even be up for a debate. Many people in European countries (Italy & Poland for example) do not circumsize. As well as in a lot of Middle Easter countries and so on. There is no medicinal need for being circ'ed, the percentage of childhood infection is slightly elevated in infant - toddler years, but remains equivalent once puberty is reached and adulthood. Parents should be teaching their kids to clean their penis' either way, it is apart of hygiene. To each their own, but parents should at least know why they are truly circ'ing their kids and not do it because everyone else is!!


Yuch. Uncut dicks are disgusting.


Neither of my sons are circumsised. @Chely: As far as getting infections is concerned it's not an issue as long as children are taught proper cleaning. My childrens Doctor told us that there is no medical need to circumsise a baby. Your nephews problems are rare. Neither of my children nor my husband (who is also uncircumcised) has ever had that type of infection, or any infection involving the penis or urinary tract at all. Anyway, it's a personal choice and there is nothing wrong with either choice. Crowes rant is way off base and overboard.

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