Russell Crowe on Circumcision: Barbaric, Anti-God!

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Celebrities are all up in God's business these days.

First, Gwyneth Paltrow wondered if the bible truly preached intolerance against homosexuals.

Now, Russell Crowe is speaking up for the Big Guy Himself and asking about circumcision: What the heck, people?!?

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“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid," the Oscar winner Tweeted yesterday. "Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect. I will always stand for the perfection of babies, i will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires."

And if you disagree with Crowe? If you dare take a scalpel to your child's private part?

"Unfollow and f-ck off," the actor wrote. "I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism."

At least he's a man who stands up for his convictions, we guess. What do you think? Circumcision is...



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Russel Crowe is an opinonated idiot. Perhaps if he converted to Judaism his IQ would go up.


Physically I didn't feel a difference. Do it, don't do it - many arguments in both camps, still must be decision of parents. Although I have to say, I've met many men who had health problems with their uncircumcised wiener and had to do it later in life, and never met a circumcised guy with medical of mental issues about this. Arguing that G-d/nature know better making it and we must leave it as is because of it, well is just plain stupid. Babies born w/ cleft lip - nature knew better? leave it? Babies born with all kinds of disfigurements, health problems, etc. G-d/nature knew better, so let us leave these babies alone to fend for themselves and die.


God gives all men foreskin. Who are you, so you can say that foreskin is useless, or dirty, or ugly? I hope we all realize that God knows much much more than everyone in this world about what is the best for human's body and the life. No one is better than God about human body, even the best doctor in the world. Scientists still have to learn, learn, and learn about the incridible parts and mechanism of human body. All part of our body has its role and function. We just need to take care, clean, and doing well to all parts of our body (also clean the foreskin of course), so we may live healthy, happy, and can get and feel the best that our body can do and give to us.


maybe you would understand his point of view if you knew what metzizah bepeh is...


I've got to wonder what's pushing this California (San Francisco primarily) and Hollywood attack on circumcision. They try to equate to child abuse. Really? It's not like this just started yesterday. People have been circumcising their children since pre-history and in America since before it was a country. How many of those BILLIONS of men are traumatized because of it?
Ironically most of the same people who protest circumcision would fight for that same parent's right to abort the child a few months earlier. What if they performed circumcisions in utero rather than the abortion? What that be OK with you Russell?


So fine, don't circumcise your sons, but leave other people and their children alone. I think Russell is a dick, sorry, and uncircumcised dick.


I am one of 5 sisters, so circumcision had never been an issue in my life until I was with an uncircumcised guy and I found it so off-putting and ugly. Did not want to touch it or even look at it. Ugh! Wouldn't let it near me. I want a nice, clean, shiny, peeni! Mom and Dad, If you want your sons to get laid, take it off! Russel Crowe is the barbarian...shudder....


Iam a muslimwoman andit ismuchmore circumsited.Healty and morepleasure


i think its a healthy practice, even thou im not jewish or muslim, and im a woman i support it. it has been long proven that men who circumcise themselves dont contaminate woman with HPV as much as the ones who dont. 90% of ovarian cancer or uterus cancer in woman comes from Human Papiloma Virus. Apx 90% of population has HPV due to sex. And the cancer as a resault is very common nowadays, roughly every 4th woman gets it at some point in life. The scientist have proven that a man that is cirucumcised has less chance of infecting the woman with all sorta crap, if the foreskin is removed, which is often not clean and can not be cleaned out properly. So as a woman i totaly agree with circumcision, it looks better and people last better in sex and they also feel alot more clean. do it for the women guys, they will love u for it..


@survivor WOW. I never said I'd do it for religious things... I would do it for the cleanliness of it and anyways you should keep Ur head out of my damn business if I circumcise my son it's MY decision and I don't need to ask u, the pain is just for a little while and I'd rather have him in pain when he's a baby and won't remember it than have him with an infection. We always have to sacrifice something.... And to the person who compared circumcision to cutting off a leg... Do you realize how dumb you sound? The foreskin is not really needed... A leg is so why the fuck would we cut it off?! Does it help with the cleanliness like circumcision does? I don't think so!!!

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