Roger Ebert Slams Ryan Dunn on Twitter

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Jackass star Ryan Dunn died earlier today and already, film critic Roger Ebert took him to task over reports that he drank before getting behind the wheel.

Dunn's drinking buddy claims Ryan had at least three beers and three "girly shots" before hitting the road. He was driving when he crashed and passed away.

Ebert, of all people, had this to say this afternoon:

Ebert Tweet
Sources say Ryan Dunn spent four hours in Barnaby's of America in West Chester, Pa., before he got behind the wheel of his Porsche this morning.

One of his friends says Dunn had three beers and three shots between 10:30 p.m. and 2:10 a.m., but he was "not too drunk to drive."

However, according to another person who was inside the bar that night, Dunn was "wasted" and "had a lot to drink."

Either way, what's your take on Ebert's Tweet?


Eberts Tweet is flat out in poor taste. It doesn't matter in the slightest whether or not he had been drinking, because the only people who are going to be hurt by this Tweet are Ryan's loved ones. There is no excuse for kicking innocent people while they are grieving.


BC, you obviously didnt read Mr Eberts tweet. It was geared towards those who were around him that night, those who allowed him to drink & drive. That they didnt take his keys from him or offer to call a cab is pretty pathetic. The fact that the jackass died as a result of his decision to drink & drive, doesnt make him any less of a jackass.


Agree Ted


Ebert's Tweet has been misinterpreted by the idiotic general public. He was condemning those around Dunn for being a lousy friend to a jackass who thought it would be fun to get behind the wheel of a car when he was loaded. Sarcasm aside, Ebert has a point. I'm sorry, you don't get a pass just because you died - when you died as a result of drunk driving and also killed your passenger. Thankfully he didn't mow down anyone else.


This wasn't even the worst thing he said about Ryan. This Pr*ck says R.I.P & then immediately comments about how Ryan Dunn went flying 40 feet through the forest in his Porsche. WTF is wrong with you Roger Ebert? Surviving cancer and having a F*cked up face doesn't give you the right to be so disrespectful and heartless shortly after someone dies. I think his loved one's are suffering enough without having to hear(oh yeah, luckily we can't hear sh*t from you anymore), I mean they're suffering enough without having to READ any of your vile remarks! It's too bad that you're left with any forum to communicate you're disgusting accusations with! And it's unconscionable that you should assume that Ryan was 1. indeed driving drunk and 2. driving at all before the ACTUAL FACTS have been stated by the police.

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