Roger Ebert Slams Ryan Dunn on Twitter

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Jackass star Ryan Dunn died earlier today and already, film critic Roger Ebert took him to task over reports that he drank before getting behind the wheel.

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    Ryan's face is in better shape than Roger's.


    It's not like the dude said, 'ryan...... blah blah'.. he said friends don't let jackasses drink and drive. they are jackasses. -The movie... get it? That's prolly what he meant by that. Besides. It's not like he knew he was gonna die. Millions of people drink and drive and make it home safe. It's not INEVITABLE to die that way. Some get lucky. He just didn't. No one can tell the future. It was stupid for him to drive, yes. But No one here has any right to really say anything, even me. Considering, none of us knew the dude personally. So how about everyone stops the gossiping.


    @Deanna..I believe the word you were looking for is "sympathy" you uneducated twit. Also, I'm not saying that drinking and driving is a good thing. I am simply pointing out the fact that what happened isn't his family or friends fault so have a little decency and let them grieve in peace.


    These people agreeing with what this guy did drinking and driving are stupid too u wouldnt fell like that if he killed ur family member he is stupid he had money he could have called a cab butt he didnt I have no symphony for people like him


    I have to agree with Donna on this one. Come on people, let's cut the hypocrisy here for a minute, I know NONE of you have EVER gotten behind the wheel of a car after drinking. BULLSH**!!
    Also, how do you know that his friends didn't try to get his keys. Were you there? Furthermore, what happend to common decency for f**k sake, let his family, friends, and fans greive in peace.


    for those who said we read Rogers tweet wrong,, check again!!!! that was actually directed at Ryan and friends.. either way it was WRONG and HEARTLESS!!!! Ryan was a great guy.. It has NOT been proven he was drunk,, so let that go till we know!! even if he was I can only assume all who made the comments are perfect and have NEVER made a bad choice!! BravO to you!! NOT!!!!!! we are none perfect and we have ALL made a bad choice in life,,more than 1 im sure!The ones suffering now, is his family,,friends and millions of fans.. cant we just let everyone grieve in peace please!!!! now you have a nice day,,and DONT make any mistakes now.....


    a 34-year old man, who gets behind the wheel drunk, kills his passenger and could have killed many others, deserves no respect. Period.


    Not a hero either way, he could of killed your kid or your wife or somebody you loved. He in fact killed his friend in the car along with himself.

    Ryan Dunn was seen drinking before and went off a road with no other people around.

    If it was proven he was drinking and had alcohol in his blood during the accident then this makes him a murderer and a drunk driver who kills people, not some hero. If it's not proven then he was speeding and a murderer still.

    Wait until you lose somebody to a drunk driver. Oh wait, you haven't lost somebody to a drunk driver, so who cares right, it's not somebody you knew who died.


    Twitter is so trashy. It has just been a breeding ground for feuds and insults. Twitter must be taking lessons from Miley.


    DUde..I know its a WAYY to late..but seriously you have SUCKASS friends. Who lets their friends drive drunk? AND IF EVERYBODY WAS GETTING HAMMERED, who are they to say that he was okay to drive? either or..KUDOS to you all. Now you all have to live with the fact that you could have SAVED his life. Assholes.

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