Rihanna to PTC: I'm a Rock Star, Not a Role Model!!

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Rihanna is no role model, and she'll readily admit that - while hitting back at the PTC for criticizing the message of her new music video this week.

The Parents Television Council condemned Rihanna's "Man Down" video for depicting a premeditated murder and glorifying the revenge aspect.

Outraged at the video's violent content, the group also implied a double standard, saying Chris Brown would be condemned for a similar video.

Rihanna Tweeted today in response:

"I'm a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What's up with everybody wantin me to be a parent? I'm just a girl, I can only be your/our voice!"

"We have the freedom to make art, LET US! Its your job to make sure they dont turn out like US. U can't hide kids from society or they'll never learn how to adapt!"

"This is the REAL WORLD."

While the content of her video pushes the envelope farther than most, she makes a reasonable point. It is a parent's responsibility, is it not?



Oh jeez....Like she is the ONLY one that has ever made a song about murder. Lets see Eminem, 2Pac, Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold, Ghetto Boys, Chop Suey....Need i name more??


But Blaize, today's kids are future adults. T.V. and radio used to be less in your face. Why shouldn't we care what kids are subjected to? Even if you don't have any you should want to keep it away from them. I love how people are saying to just turn off the radio. It's not that easy. Kids today are subjected to way too much sex and violence, it's everywhere and they don't need it. If adults need it that bad then they can find ways to get it, it doesn't need to be incorporated into every single pop song.


Yes ultimately parents are responsible for their own kids but you, as a parent, can't control everything that kids hear and see. I am talking about pop radio. You get in the car and 95% of the songs are about sex, violence, getting naked etc. It's unavoidable. Plus all the kids hear the songs when you aren't around. So I will say I miss the days when songs were happier with less sex references, less blunt references. That is what bothers me as a parent. I don't want my kids hearing it and/or seeing it and can control some of it but not all. Stuff like that wasn't allowed or t.v. was less violent until later at night. Not anymore. But morals have gone down the toilet.


She is no role model, and you shouldn't expect her to be just because she is famous and you have children. If it bothers you so badly, there is a little something called Parental Controls. It's on every television, with every network.


When will people wake up and finally realize that these entertainers are not obligated to set the standards of appropriate behavior for young children? I'm so sick of people whining EVERY SINGLE TIME these teen and young adult stars say, wear, or do something that's not appropriate for little kids. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND WHAT CHILDREN SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT SEE! Like Rihana said, you can't shield kids from growing up and seeing what the world is really like. This music video isn't about what's right or wrong, it's about feelings. Morality shouldn't always be applied to fiction. Music videos are a work of FICTION!


Ask yourself this: am I responsible for the actions of other people's children? The answer is NO! So why should R. be? If you don't want your kids to watch this stuff... Turn it off. THAT is what you are responsible for. But as many others have said, might as well get rid of all social media because IT IS EVERYWHERE. Why condemn one person for speaking her mind? Its not like she's running for president.

Talia quinn

She only put into a video form what every girl who is put in that situation would want to do. It is a parent's responsibility to monitor what their children are watching (I've heard of other parents who's 6 or 10 year old's singing "S&M" lyrics)but as RiRi said, she's a single 23 yr old, just being young. Artists shouldn't have to carry the responsibility of the whole world on their shoulders. Let them be artists for cryin out loud & quit putting your parenting job on musicians.


I hv knw cable yet?


Im sorry i havent seen the video b/c i really dont enjoy that type of music so dont listen to it much.. I really think though being im a mother and a grandmother i would probably insist that my grandchildren not watch that kind of violence.. Like other people have said its everyday life but i would rather these kids not be influenced by murder rape and violence. I realize its in movies and on tv but i think parents should make the decisions as to what their kids watch.. Instead they should be learning about the bible and christian ideals.. Thats just my opinion.. They should be raised to know the difference between right and wrong not acting out in violent situations..guns rape murder and all these sinful things have no place in this world.. Its just awful to realize what has happened to our world.. Time to consider a different lifestyle.just saying this is a horrible situation.. Im not criticizing herself just the plot behind the video.


It is absolutely the parents responsibility!!! They are not everyone elses and i agree with R that they have to be exposed on order to adapt, however if your a parent that is SOOOOOO uptight about what your kids are exposed to....get rid of your damn cable tv, video games, magazines and computer bc it is EVERYWHERE!!!! and it will never stop. Is this crap bad for kids? YES. Is it sending violent messages through free form art? YES!!! is it the artists fault? NO is it the parents responsibility? YEEESSS!!! If your a parent that condemns media and crude entertainment...quit trying to keep it away from your everyone and keep your kids away from IT!! Simple as that:D

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