Rihanna Denies Writing "I Provoked Chris to Hit Me" Tweet, Goes OFF on MTV Canada

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Yesterday afternoon, MTV Canada ran a story about a Tweet from Rihanna, referencing her infamous beating at the hands of Chris Brown and allegedly saying, "'I admit it. I provoked Chris to hit me. It not entirely his fault. #imSORRY?'"

Just one problem. She didn't write it.

The story was based on an image reportedly screen-capped from RiRi's Twitter page. It looks to be fake, however, as there's no evidence this ever actually appeared on her page. As such, she's slamming the network for quoting it.

RiRi Tweet

This is all the alleged "story" is based on. It might be tough to hack Rihanna's Twitter, but it'd be ridiculously easy to fake this low-res image.

In any case, Rihanna Tweeted this response:

"@mtvnewscanada - are u f--king kiddin me?????? You're supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bulls--t u post??"

Their response: "#Rihanna fans. We were reporting on a story that was posted on several sites today. We had no intention to be salacious."

Regardless of what terms she and Chris are on, there's no way she would write that. In other news, did you hear about Rihanna and Drake?




cn u jst drop this


i thnk riri shud 4get about CB by now


Why in the hell u all keep bring up the past between chris and riri? Let that shit go already! It is the yr of 2011 going on to another yr and we still talking about that shit.


yeah right Jeanne you wouldnt` be saying that if your bf layed a hand on you Rhianna didnt` do anything 2 Chris Brown if she did it was for her safety.


Rhianna has every right to be so mad I would deff. be pissed off!


Rihanna's so full of crap!


Notice how Rihanna is swearing at MTV and yet no one says anything about her language. Yet CB gets mad at something and all hell breaks loose. I'm a fan of both CB and RiRi but I'm just saying.


You know, actually...you ain't all that! You're just another singer who has done well - because you got J.Z. on your side. Your songs and about 8 other female pop singers - all the same, all the weak voice juiced up with background and acoustics and techo. C. Brown can sing..find someone else to use for your publicity!


Yea, right, Rihanna. Back when the beating first took place, it was stated that you said you DID slap him, over the message on HIS phone that you grabbed, then read. Everytime we get a day that people aren't paying so much attention to you, you come out with another nugget to keep this rolling. YOU have got enough digs out of this whole situation, Chris did some time, took the classes, get off of him already!!!

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