Rielle Hunter Dumps John Edwards, Report Claims

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Did former presidential candidate John Edwards just get dumped by the one human being who might possibly be willing to hang out with him these days?

According to reports, yes. Rielle Hunter broke up with him.

With John facing indictment in federal court for "alleged campaign law violations" resulting from his affair with Rielle and covering it up, she's had enough.

Edwards, J.
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Here's what a source had to say about the big breakup: "[She] dumped him ... their relationship is pretty much over ... there's no repairing it now."

According to reports, the dumping took place days before the indictment of John, who was also divorced by his wife before she died last winter.

Dude really has no one left in his corner. The lesson in all of this:

Don't make a sex tape and impregnate your mistress while your wife is terminally ill, use her cancer to garner sympathy from voters while seeking your party's nomination for President of the United States, then cover it up with campaign funds.

Just some free life advice from THG there. You're welcome.

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Why can't she get in trouble too? the funds she used were not hers to use-- so shouldn't she have to pay it back?


He is a scum bag and so is she. I hope dear Elizabeth can see this as this is a just reward for her.


She's a gold digger, no prize herself; she chased after him and got pregnant so she could get money from him while he was married with a terminally ill wife. She's an Ugly person. He's stupid for getting involved with her.


i hope this dumb female gets what she deserves in life. she's a low life as he is. what goes around comes around and i hope that Elizabeth is laughing at them in heaven


I heard she took a "Dump" on his face. Where do you think he gets that shit ass-eatin grin from?


I am mystified as to why the American public is allowing other politician­s and the news media to continue to throw stones at John Edwards.
Believe me these people are not without sin. By the way, both the "Real Hunter" and Andrew Young
make my skin crawl.


I agree, Can not stand her!!! He's just stupid


I hope they stay together! They deserve each other! They're both a couple of a holes.

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