Report: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Nice

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are staying in the European nation of Malta. The consensus among Maltese locals? This is one super-nice couple!

The pair and their brood will be spending June in Malta as he films zombie flick World War Z. They rented a mansion minutes from the ocean.

On Tuesday evening, the A-list celebrities soaked up some adult time with dinner at Trattoria Da Pippo in the nearby town of Valetta.


Leaving Shiloh and the gang behind, the always-attractive twosome met up with ten other friends and colleagues for a sumptuous Maltese meal.

Explains a local insider:

"It's a lunch restaurant, so it was opened especially for them. Brad wanted a dinner for the people working on the film. It was an intimate setting."

As ever, Pitt was a gentleman with his love of six years. "He held the door, and pulled out her seat," the insider says, to the surprise of no one.

"They looked relaxed and enjoyed the evening ... They are very nice people, friendly, quiet... they were relaxed and just enjoying their evening."


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Brad pitt looks a bit like Ryan Gosling here perhaps Gosling is copying Brad Pitt's look.


Hey Sam are you a fan of Brangelina or something? May i ask why?


These are the ugliest and worst example of a nice decent couple in the entire whole world!!!! Angelina is a disgusting lesbian who exploits women and men god knows what she is going to do with those poor people in those third world countries!! Brad Pitt is not nice, don't tell me men like Brad Pitt are nice he's the complete opposite of how a nice man is suppose to be.


HO?!! Lo and behold, Brangelina are nice, decent people! Never would have guessed. :)


mangelina is a whore and home wrecker. Go kiss your brother you dumbass lesbian.

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