Regis Philbin Replacement Rumors Heat Up

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In November, Regis Philbin is expected to exit the seat he's occupied for decades.

So, who will banter with Kelly Ripa every morning on her ABC talk show? Disney insiders claim "it's ridiculous at this point to be speculating about who will replace" the TV legend, but The Wall Street Journal reports three names have emerged as contenders:

Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen and Mark Consuelos.

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Seacrest already holds down more jobs than anyone in Hollywood, whole Consuelos is married to Ripa (who joked with David Letterman recently that the couple would "kill each other" if they co-hosted), so we say the gig goes to Cohen, the host Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live."

Who do you think should replace Regis?



The best one for the job is Martin Short!! Hands down!


I agree...if her husband is chosen, I will stop watching. He is way to "into himself" sometimes I believe Kelly is but WTH. That's ok. Just not two of them at the same time. I guess Ryan if this is the only three up here right now.


I'll quit watching if its here husband or Andy the fag! Hell, I might quit anyways...I LOVE REGIS! He makes that show...


Andy Cohen is about the most annoying person to watch on TV. PLEASE do not let it be him.


Check out Jonathan Mankuta of Hollywood Treasure on SYFY> He,s like a taller version of Regis with the same curly hair and has a great personality!! Google his name and you will see other things he has done. A new fresh face!!!!!!


I like the idea of a slew of co-hosts....each working a week or month & rotating. It would keep the show lively & entertaining. IMO

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