Reggie Bush Dating Melissa Molinaro, Kim Kardashian Lookalike

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Due to the gifts bestowed upon his family during his days at USC, Reggie Bush has seen his Heisman Trophy yanked away and his 2004 National Title vanquished.

But the running back's latest actions may be even more scandalous: multiple sources confirm that Bush is dating Melissa Molinaro, the model who starred in an Old Navy commercial a few months ago and made headlines for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian, Bush's ex.

Watch the ad in question HERE.

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Reggie Bush's new girlfriend has at least two things in common with his old one.

Both sides rep are remaining mum, but Bush was spotted at Molinaro's birthday party at Beverly Hills' Boa Steakhouse a couple weeks ago.

Insiders tell TMZ the couple met two years ago, remained friends and then became "official" around Christmas. How intense is the relationship? Serious enough for Reggie to fly to London this month and watch Melissa perform.

She's an aspiring singer, folks. She doesn't "perform" the way Kardashian performs when Ray J is around.



Looks like she's less plastic then Kim K. She has a little waist and a big round booty and ta ta's and face to match. She's an upgrade, plus she looks younger then his former. Sounds like he has a type, doesn't mean he obsesses over that used up hoe. And Kim is the one seeing green, she's suing Old Navy for using her, saying she's a look a like. She wishes, cuz Kimmy can't move her face.


Black chicks not good enough for him?


I think Reggie Bush is confused he lost a true girlfriend when his football career is over he will no longer be remembered on in the spot light people will say Reggie Who. You don't miss the water until the Well Runs Dry. Reggie Bush is stupid he does not realize he will be old one day. He should have stayed with Kim she is Rich and will always be Rich because she knows how to manage and make money. Kim is a Down to Earth Person and he lost the best woman he will ever have.


her boobs look gross


i cant believe hes still obessing over kim!


Melissa Molinaro is beautiful. The comparisons are getting old. She has amazing talent, the perfect body, a beautiful smile, and so much more. That other chick NEVER even mentioned her once in fear of being overshadowed. She is Italian, and looks Italian. Guess her body makes her a Black girl look-a-like too.


You were truly *misbehaving. PEACE!!


@Hilton Hater: You are being badd again!!
You were truly misbehavior when you "inserted" that last sentence!


At least this Girl has some Real Talent she's an Actress and a real singer... Unlike kim, what's kims talent? Oooh baby I want you to f u c k me till you come Lol


Muh dik!

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