R. Kelly Sued by Ex-Manager

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See, R. Kelly. When you urinate on 14-year old girls during sex, there's always a price to pay...

Jeff Kwatinetz, the former manager of this R&B singer, has filed lawsuit against his ex-client, alleging that Kelly screwed him out of over $1 million in commission.

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In the suit, as first reported by TMZ, Kwatinetz argues he "guided Kelly through the recording of two new albums, substantial multi-million dollar tours... a book deal, and a myriad of other appearances and events" during 2008, as the artist was forging a comeback following numerous personal and legal issues.

However, Kelly "refused to pay" the 15% commission owed to his manager, according to documents.

What reason was given for the stiffing?

Kelly's business manager supposedly told Kwatinetz he couldn't be paid "because the monies were needed for payments to avoid lawsuits and adverse publicity resulting from Kelly's alleged [sexual misconduct]."

(Note: Kelly was arrested in 2002 and 2003 on child pornography charges.)

The rep for R. Kelly denies all allegations, however, saying: "Mr. Kwatinetz is a disgruntled former manager who apparently feels the need to try to seek retribution for his discharge. It is particularly disturbing, given his job as a professional talent manager and trusted adviser, that he would feel the need to lash out and dish what he thinks is dirt against a former client.

"When the actual facts are presented, however, we are confident that his allegations will be found to be completely without merit."


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If he had paid off the family of the girl then it would've been BEFORE the trial. Let's be reasonable here and as far as I'm concerned there's no SOLID proof that he "stiffed" this manager in order to pay off the family. This is the manager's ASSumption. He's not R. Kelly's financial accountant so he doesn't know what he has done with his money. Apparently, this manager was brought into the picture to help patch up R. Kelly's scarred image AFTER the trial. This manager didn't do that. R. Kelly's career in 2008 wasn't doing well. The 2 new albums that the manger is most likely speaking of is Double Up and a shelved album and the book deal went no where.


@ddd: I am aware. And the manager was needed to rehab Kelly's image because he was caught on tape urinating on a 14-year old girl; and the singer then stiffed the manager because he was busy paying off the family of the 14-year old girl on whom he urinated.


"See, R. Kelly. When you urinate on 14-year old girls during sex, there's always a price to pay..." Epic fail! ^^^ I hope you're aware that his ex-manager was brought into the picture AFTER the trial.

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