PTC Lays Into Rihanna, "Man Down" Music Video

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The Parents Television Council is at it again.

This time, the group is going after Rihanna, thanks to the "cold, calculated execution of murder" depicted in the singer's new music video for "Man Down."

Outraged over RiRi suggesting "that gunning down a rapist in a crowded train station is a proper form of justice," the PTC wants this video pulled:

The council says, "If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass ..."

Rihanna's Tweet that the video conveys "a very strong underlying message 4 girls like me" is also at the root of the group's objections.

The council's venom is also directed at BET for airing the video. What do you think? Is the PTC going too far - or did Rihanna and BET?


i think Rhianna is cool to do whatever she feels...if you listen to the song you would feel the same about shooting that person...and yeah i agree about chris brown thingy but look at the music he makes so to say she can't show violence in her video while he raps about it and sings about his dick and some hoes and pussy's does it even matter anymore? she is free to whatever she please if they don't want it shown well someone else will for the fact its a good song and will have great success


i agree with the statement about chris brown. but everything else is wrong. she's done worst videos who cares this one actually have a message


The PTC has proven on more than one occasion that it's run by immature, sexist puritans. IT'S JUST A MUSIC VIDEO, NOT REAL LIFE! The song and video obviously symbolize being angry at one's abuser, and it's OBVIOUSLY not meant for little kids.


This pisses me off first the parents television council wants to get on Ri Ri about her S&M video being to ranchy and explicit and now their trying to ban her new video "Man Down" ! What the hell it is just a damn video omg i never thought PTC would over react like this now you know rihanna is not setting an bad example for young girls she was trying to prove a point that abuse is not ok reccomending on shooting someone is not right but i love rihanna's music videos im such a big fan of her's and if Bet's 106 & Park want to premire the video on their show than they can if the parents television council has such a problem with rihanna's videos than they need to talk to the Director who made the video ! They do not have the right to ban it off air it is her life snd music videos Leave Her Alone ! Don't worry about her music videos if it is too much vulgar than do not watch the video ! .


Bunch of dumb haters on this site. Leave Rihanna alone. Chris Brown was convicted of a crime. If he made a video shooting a woman, then he is way more stupid than he looks.


I say buck that glock sista. Nuekka got what was comin. Word.


I wonder what the video would look like if it was filmed inside the houses of the members of The Parent Television Coincil.I'm sure the PTC would not want to play those videos either .Just Imagine The Parent Television Council members at home in all their glory and a video camera.


Chris brown is their poster boy. They should thank their lucky stars he is not the victim.


the damn PTC is always going to far with stuff like this. if you dont want your child to watch it dont let them and if some child decides to kill some one because of a VIDEO that's their problem for not letting them know the difference. besides if i was raped and i saw the person who did it theres no telling what id do if i had the chance. its just a damn video get over it.


Damn, it wouldn't surprise me if PTC is run by Westboro Baptists.

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