Prince William-Kate Middleton Wedding Fund Raises $1.6 Million For Charity

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More than $1.6 million has reportedly been donated to a gift fund set up by Prince William and Kate Middleton ahead of their April 29 wedding.

The Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund was set up so that anyone who wished to give the couple a wedding gift could instead make a donation to charities chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The figure includes direct donations to the chosen charities along with money raised from the sale of an official royal wedding CD and donations made by Mario Testino's office from the sales of the wedding program portrait.

The Prince and His Lovely Wife

Officials said earlier this week that the money will be distributed to 26 charities chosen by the newlyweds, which were grouped into particular areas.

Changing Lives through Arts and Sport. Children Fulfilling Their Potential. Help and Care at Home. Support for Service Personnel and Their Families, and Conservation for Future Generations are all causes supported by the couple.

Some charities are based in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where William and Kate are making their first official overseas trip next month.

In a typically classy gesture, the couple had requested that wedding guests and the public make donations to the fund rather than buy gifts.

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Fanny, I thought the world DID revolve around America, since the world seems to call on America to help fight their wars, feed the starving, adopt unwanted children, fight the AIDS epidemic, yada, yada. How many other countries are asked to do so many things??? Get over it yourself!!


I wish William and Kate the best. I also hope that they will look up a great artist in phoenix, arizona---Peter Deise of Deise Sculpture. If they like fund raising, he will definitely need their help to complete his latest sculpture and raise $5000.00 by July 8th.Pete has helped with many fund raising projects and has donated many sculptures. So far, only less than half of the money that he needs has been raised.


Srsly? Only 1.6 million?? I would've thought a lot more than that would be raised!


William and Kate are coming to Canada at the end of THIS month. They going to your country NEXT month... America the world does not revolve around you! Please get that through your thick heads, thanks

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