Perky eHarmony User Seeks Soulmate, Cats

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Debbie seems like a nice girl. Very friendly and seemingly outgoing. Smart, too. She's got an MBA from Villanova. So why hasn't anyone put a ring on it?

We don't want to jump to conclusions, but she likes cats. Like a lot. To be honest it's a little unhealthy. She may be seeking cats instead of potential mates.

It's true, there are a lot of cats out there who need homes, and they provide a lot of entertainment when they're doing cat stuff. But wow, girl. Just wow.

Check out her eHarmony video bio below. Would you date Debbie?


Maybe she'd like to date a cat? ME-YOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahaha wt? @ kess? Speak english `o_¤ unbident? Haha


Watched it. Not funny. Obviously she was attempting humor and thought it she succeeded or she would not have left this video up. She failed.


please my ladys i we love to ank a quention which is i realy love you and your profile as a woman she need to bee self unbident.


wuts with the rainbow and bow ties?


...she would like cats in a boat, she would like cats with a goat...sheesh!

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