Paris Hilton Sheds Sex Tape Tears

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It's something that changed my life forever.

So Paris Hilton said to Piers Morgan last night about her sex tape, filmed in 2001 with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. The reality star is right, of course, but she wasn't stating that fact with excitement and gratitude.

Instead, Paris (and her hilariously bawling mother) was lamenting how people assume she's a slut due to the video and how Salomon took away her chance to be like Princess Diana.

No, seriously. She really said that. Watch the exchange now:

Hilton, of course, would be a complete nobody if not for the tape. She has milked it for millions of dollars.

Rather than lambast Salomon, she ought to get on her knees and thank him. Wait, she already did that.

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Paris Hilton is fun and entertaining to watch!!! Always something different and new!!! Love Kat


What?! People don't think she's a sl-- for just that, it's because of her whole lifestyle! Going from man to man, making her whole life about herself, etc. Get a grip Paris.


The only thing she has in common with Diana is the name of the city she died in.


Oh come on! Is she for real? Paris, you really are a dreamer. You could never be like Diana.


Yeah, if it weren't for that tape, we'd all see her as a "lady" ...................of the evening, that is!


Ha! Good one ;D