Paris Hilton Plays Down Feud With The View

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Knock us over with a feather. Paris Hilton is being accused of "diva behavior" after facing surprisingly tough questions on The View last week.

In a scene from The World According to Paris, Hilton whines about community service. On The View, Barbara Walters called her out over this.

"I think you're an adorable girl," Walters said, reminding her of 2007 DUI, which Paris responded to admirably. "You learned a good deal."

"You said you wanted to help [female] prisoners… you've raised a lot of money… but why haven't you done more of that and less of this?"

"I do charity work all the time," Hilton said. "That's something my family has brought me up to do, and it's shown in the show, as well."

Paris didn't exactly pull a Chris Brown, but despite keeping her cool on the air, she and mom Kathy Hilton were "going ballistic backstage."

At least that was the rumor going around.

"Those were all rumors... as usual,"
Hilton told E! News. "I think they hadn't seen the show. They had only seen a clip. I'm not going to wake up at 6 in the morning and be all excited, 'Yeah, I'm doing community service!'"

"I basically said it sucks, and I was being honest. I think they were offended by that, but I'm not sure. I think [the so-called feud] was blown out of proportion. It wasn't that big of a deal. I wasn't screaming backstage."

"That's not true. I've known [Barbara Walters] for years, and I really respect her as a journalist. I know that she has to ask questions like that. I think she should actually watch the show, then she'd understand more."

Fair enough. To bad no one is actually going to watch it.


Okay honestly, people, do YOU wake up at 6am to do community service? And if you did, would you be happy about it? No. So she was grumpy. Big deal, that doesn't make her a diva.


Paris needsto disappear. Like a fart in the wind.


Stupid Cunt


wow she's useless


What a philanthropist. Dipstick wonders why all are repulsed by her lack of enthusiasm to do her community service. Yeah right, she learned her lesson and serves as a model to other women prisoners. What exactly is she going to teach? It certainly isn't humility or displaying an attitude that demonstrates acceptance of the consequences of her actions. Clueless little brat. She deserves to lose all her money and work for minimum wage. Then let's see how excited she is to get up at 6 am. Her clever little routine of going all "diva" on everybody and then simply denying it later as having been "blown out of proportion," loses its credibility after the100th time.

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