Paris Hilton and Cy Waits: On the Rocks?

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Paris Hilton and Cy Waits, her boyfriend of more than a year now, are going through a rough patch, a source close to the couple says. So is it over?

Not right now. The couple are still in love, but they are figuring out if they should break up or stay together after a recent series of spats and fights.

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"Paris and Cy love each other a lot. They are still together right now, but they are deciding on what to do," the source says, citing their schedules.

We'll see if Cy Waits this thing out or heads for the hills.

"Paris is extremely busy running her business empire and travels a lot. Cy is based in Las Vegas, and he has a daughter in elementary school."

"He’s a very doting dad so he doesn’t like to be away from her."

That's understandable ... as are Cy's concerns about the World According to Paris and dating someone as high profile as the ho-tel heiress.

"Basically, they have hit a rough patch. Paris' family loves Cy, and they do genuinely love each other, but things are tough at the moment."

"Cy isn’t happy about how he is being portrayed on Paris’ reality show and truthfully, I don’t know if he can deal with living in Paris’ shadow."

“Paris and Cy are taking their time and working out what to do. They want to make a mutual decision about their future," adds the friend.

They've been through multiple attacks and one joint arrest, and have weathered plenty of tabloid scrutiny to boot. But can they persevere?

"They both want to do what is best for each of them in the end. There is no one else involved, there is no cheating is going on, period."

That's good at least. Here's hoping they work it out for the best.

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