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The final four contestants on The Voice took to the stage a total of eight times last night.

We were treated to one original song by Dia, Javier, Beverly and Vicci; along with one duet with their Coach. The praise flowed all night from the judges, but viewers will get the final say.

Did Dia's hip version of "I Won't Back Down" win you over? Or were you instead moved to tears by Beverly and Christina teaming up on a version of "Beautiful?"

Check out all the performances below and don't take too long trying to determine which was best. The winner will be crowned tonight!

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Glenn Beck and his family attended a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps in Bryant Park on Monday night, but the host explained on his radio show today that he was greeted with anything but a warm welcome.

"It was a hostile situation," he said, detailing how wife Tanya had wine "intentionally kicked on her back" and how a man pointed at Tanya and Beck's daughter and screamed: "We hate conservatives here!"

No one told the trouble makers to knock it off, Beck continued.

Glenn Beck on Stage

"I apologize to anybody who had their movie experience wrecked because of the people that found it so necessary to spew hatred," he went on. "But there's nothing I can do about it."

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It's all based on circumstantial evidence, but we're The Hollywood Gossip, not The Hollywood Fact. So check out this allegedly sordid tale:

According to MediaTakeOut, Nicki Minaj walked in a troubling surprise during her birthday party in Vegas this past December: Amber Rose in the same room with Nicki's boyfriend at the time, a dude named Safaree.

Minaj grew suspicious and thought "something was going on," according to a source, who added that the singer later grabbed Safaree's phone and found naked photos of Rose sent via BBM. We've posted one below:

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The second set of auditions in New York City ramped up the weird on America's Got Talent, starting with zombies chasing girls. There were some true oddities that actually had some potential to be a real Vegas act, however.

Let's run it down...

Sharon Osbourne as a Judge

The Smag Bros. - Bill and Pat started off with some talented wheelie work and it was really synchronized. The fact that they could do such a great job on a small and slippery floor was amazing. Anything attempting to crush a friend was worth watching.

Shemika Charles - In the preview she said that she was the world record holder, but we never got her story on the show. It's really pretty disappointing when you're the focus on the commercials, but given a five-second preview.

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Sorry, reader. But you're no Hugh Hefner.

That 85-year old has charm, millions in the bank account and a silk bath robe that drives the ladies wild. As a result, he can date both Anna Sophia Berglund (referred to this week as his "best gal") AND Shera Bechard (labeled by Hef as his "new girlfriend" yesterday).

You however, cannot. Therefore, you must study photos of both these Playmates here and decide: Which you rather Hef it up with... if you know what we mean!

And the Winner is?

Hugh Hefner can have both, but you can only choose one. Would you rather take Anna Sophia Berglund or Shera Bechard home? View Poll »

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After a few weeks of rancor, it appeared in April as if Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry had reached a truce in their battle over their three-year old daughter, Nahla. A custody agreement was signed.

But the actress was back in court today, claiming that Aubry violated said agreement and accusing the father of neglect.

Picking Up Nahla

Details are scant at the moment, but TMZ first broke the story of Berry submitting a lengthy complaint to a judge. It outlines all the ways in which Aubry - a Canadian model who split with the actress in May 2010 - supposedly violated the former couple's terms.

One incident overseas, where Aubry allegedly imperiled Nahla's safety, is specifically cited.

The judge has scheduled a hearing to hear more on the matter and we'll keep readers apprised as news breaks.


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Brooke Mueller was found wandering the streets of Maui this month, clutching cash.

But apparently it wasn't enough, as the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen has submitted court documents that demand Warner Bros. withhold $55,000 per month from whatever it owes the actor; Mueller is not confident he will be able to meet his child support obligations.

Doing OK!

Sheen is not actually behind on his payments, mind you.

But insiders say Mueller wants to take every precaution she can and has asked the studio to wire the monthly figure directly into her bank account. Hopefully that will give the troubled star something to smile over.

As you can see above, crying appears to be Brooke's default action during every appearance on The World According to Paris.


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When the Casey Anthony trial began, her defense attorney, Jose Baez, threw out some stunning allegations against Casey's father, George.

Namely, that his prior abuse of Casey caused her to act erratically, and that he had an affair with a woman named Krystal Holloway who was helping him look for Casey's missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Tuesday, on the stand, George Anthony denied any infidelity.

George Anthony Picture

"She was someone who volunteered at our site," he said. "I considered her a friend. She worked at our command center to help find Caylee."

Why does it matter to Casey Anthony's defense whether or not he had an affair with Holloway? Because of something he supposedly told her.

Holloway told police that during an intimate moment, George confided that Caylee's death was "an accident that snowballed out of control."

"Did you say that to her?" Baez asked the father of the accused.

"No," said Anthony. "I didn't confide with anyone during that time."

During the testimony, jurors swiveled their chairs towards George Anthony, watching him intently. Cindy Anthony shook her head in the gallery.

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Miranda Lambert, Stevie Nicks, Pat Monahan (Train) and Ryan Tedder (One Republic) will lend their voices to The Voice season finale on Wednesday night.

In addition to the previously announced Miranda Lambert-Dia Frampton duet, legendary Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Nicks will pair up with Javier Colon.

Monahan will sing alongside Vicci Martinez, and Tedder will duet with Beverly McClellan to round out the final four, who sing for all the marbles tonight.

Here's a look at their performances from a week ago ...

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In a newly-released video, Nicki Minaj teams with Flo Rida and asks a question: "Where Them Girls At?"

Following this weekend's BET Awards, we need not ask the 26-year-old rapper where the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist is at, however: it's on her mantel! Tweeted the artist in response to the honor:

“Dear BET, thanks for keeping the ‘female rap’ category in your award show. It encourages so many young girls to go hard. Love."

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