Octomom Slams Doc Who Gave Us Octomom

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Nadya Suleman has Dr. Michael Kamrava to thank for eight of the 14 children she can't support. Still, she says he should never practice medicine again.

Claiming it would be for "the best of humanity" if the Medical Board of California stripped him of his license for life, Octomom acts like a victim in this.

Dr. Michael Kamrava just asked for the opportunity to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the lifetime ban he was just slapped with.

Such a Freak

BABY FACTORY: There's no love lost between Nads and Kamrava.

Octomom says that the doc "could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."

"Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Seriously ... that's not something we want. Unless his appeal is granted (don't bank on it), Kamrava's license is set to be revoked on July 1.

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Pathetic! No one out there seems to understand this is none of their business! This is so disgusting! No one can lead her life for her, so why make stupid comments that change nothing! She does not have to live up to anyone's standards! And to the person that wrote that stupid poem about her get a life! You are stupid and the poem is not even funny! Don't you have anything better to do?


I feel sorry for the children! They are the only victims in this mess, with ignorant adults playing God! I wish all the kids happiness and success!


Hold up- she was the one that went to this doctor, who at the time wanted the rest of her her frozen embroyos implanted and now it's his fault? I can recall her in an interview with her Mother stating that she wanted all these kids. Not only that, I also remember her defending the doctor by saying that she begged him to preform in-vetro. Wow- she's one crazy lady. Besides being way off of any rational thinking, she is just trying to make herself relevant once again to ride this story out for every last penny she can possibly obtain. Does she really think people forget her previous comments and interviews?


üdvözlettel, igazi földimogyoró Santiago. Ön készen áll az utazásra a mi bolygónk. csatlakozzon hozzánk, és meghaladni valóság octomom van. lett az egyik felvilágosult!


There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn't know what to do; She gave them some broth without any bread;
Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed. She traded her children for money and fame;
She defrauded the taxpayers, pretending to be lame. She brayed like a donkey on Oprah and The View;
She saw Kate Plus 8 and said "I can do that too!". 8==D ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o


Octomom says that the doc "could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies." OMG! So does this mean there are a 2000+ babies out there with her genes. Oh gawd tell me it ain't so. So she's bionic now, hey Octoliar it's time to self medicate.....hehehe!


This woman is a pathological liar and evil. She defends this doctor for over two years and now wants to throw him under the bus? Why? What changed? She is presently claiming she never dated, yet she was married for years and has had at least one boyfriend come forward. She says her babies are bionic? What does THAT mean? What did she do with Doc K? Something disgusting? She now admits to frozen embryos. She always had fresh eggs used and was never was implanted with frozen. She knew because the Doc had to take fresh eggs from her to get them. Horrible mother, horrible liar, greedy, selfish, psychopathic, and a con artist. I sure hope Doc K tells all. Everything. About how he was stupid enough to get involved with this pig.


What happened? She has been defending him. She said he did nothing wrong.
Is she calling her kids hyperactive and disasters now?
What makes her embryos bionic?


My opinion she jst wants more money an she can to support all thm kids hav ppl not been watchn tv they offer her everythng its her own fault for want more kids she tryn to b like the duggars who hav 19 kids i hope she loses the case an the doc keeps his license


This nutbag shouldnt be allowed to procreate ever again, 'for the sake of humanity'.


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