New Abduction Movie Poster: Taylor Lautner in Action!

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The fight for the truth will be the fight of his life.

So states the latest movie poster for Abduction, a John Singleton-directed thriller that will be released on September 23 and which stars Taylor Lauter in his first lead role outside The Twilight Saga.

The action film focuses on a young man who finds his picture on a missing persons website, leading him on a search to find out what happened. It's obvious, though, isn't it? Who would NOT want to abduct Taylor Lautner?!?

Check out the official trailer and then drool over the new ad:

Abduction Poster

im so excidet to see this awsome movie and he is awsome cant get enough of him and my great niece is 2 years old and loves him she crys if she cant watches him or the show is over we have to replay it to keep her from crying and we realy dont now wat her reactsion would be if she meet him it be preety exciedet to see that i have never sien a 2 year old that set down and watch a movie like twilight and loves jacob and edward and bella as much as she does


OMG Taylor is so cute! Can't wait to see Abduction :)


taylor you rock in twilight an bella should be with you not the vampire team jacob an you are going to rock in


taylor you rock in twilight an bella should be with you not the vampire team jacob


Love u taylor and best of luck 4 ur movie. Its gonna be gr8.)


Yess can't wait 4 this, in Argentina opens September 22, can't wait 4 that day!!!!!!!!!!!!Team Taylor 4 ever!!!!!


He is going to be awesome in this action movie and I'm sure it going to be a success movie


Hotttttie!! ;)


I don't know about this one? A 19 year going through a case of identity theft is about as believable as Brittany Spears singing live on stage.
I just don't see this guy ever being an action movie star. Sure, he is fit but he lacks personality and isn't exactly considered to have a "badass" persona.

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