Naomi Campbell Cries Racism Over Cadbury Chocolate Ad

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Cadbury had some fun at the expense of Naomi Campbell last week, but the super model isn't laughing.

The company ran the following ad in British newspapers last week, hyping its Dairy Milk Bliss Bar as the "new diva in town" and taking a jab at Campbell, whose violent past includes spitting at a cop, attacking a limo driver and assaulting a cameraman.

Sounds rather diva-like to us.

Cadbury Chocolate Ad

But not to Naomi.

"I am shocked," Campbell said. "It's upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people as a race. I do not find any humor in this. It's insulting and hurtful."

Do you agree? Is the ad inappropriately targeting black women? Or just this one, scandalous woman who happens to be black? Sound off now: is it racist?

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Hey Eric, I hear ya man. I really do not lump any race together as good or bad. I'll be the first to say when it comes to crime and criminals, the white ones are the most weird and cruel ones there are. I'm talking "JACKED UP"! I really don't want to offend and I know words hurt more than anything, but I'm a very honest person when it comes to what I want to say. There is bad and good in every race. And I know people that are black, white and mexican that I would take a bullet for. I'm just soooooooooo sick of the "race card". I honestly never think about race or racism until its brought up in something like the Naomi Campbell crap pops up. I hate Thugs, skin heads/ neo nazi's are freaking embarrassing to the white race. KKK are cowards...can't even show their face. You get the picture. and after all...what I think...really doesn't matter at all. I'm just another person brought up in a fugged up country. Have a good weekend!!


I'm white and 1/4 Cherokee. I'm just an american in one fugged up country.


"I'm 3 1/4 black and 1/4 white" Wtf? So you make up 3 1/2 people? Looks like Australian school kids suck at fractions as much as Americans do.


@Bryan "While whites were building civilizations, black were content to live in grass huts..." Hey, those Egyptians who built the pyramids were blacks in Africa, not whites. "In hundreds of years black really haven't come very far" A couple of hundred years ago, would America have dreamed of having a black president? These things change very slowly, some hundred years is not a lot on the grand scale of things. And think of all that time that whites have had to their advantage, and 15% of them are STILL violent criminals! That's the "weak race" argument right back atcha.


Not ethnic, cosmic- universal.


hoenstly you bryan do you ever look at world history aside from what you have been taught. Look at melanin, the moors, don't assume bro. There is NOBODY above anybody. Surprise, Surprise blacks lived in rome and help eutrascans get it started. I promise the white man did not do it alone. we are all part of the human family. Hell even dwieght eisenhowers mother was mixed. All im saying is open you eyes a little and do your own research. Yeah noami is going a little overboard on this. But that is no reason to take that shot at a race of people, maybe give a fair shot aside from beating them down with your little bro. But everybody gets on my nerves equally. can you believe ive have a white close friend whocan't hold a job? woooooooooooo. sacry. get over yourself bro.




waaawaaawaaa crybaby


Wow, really her reaction isn't surprising. I mean, how would you expect a diva to react?


@Black Actors: And just who coined the phrase "Cracker?" Clean your own side of the street!

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