Naomi Campbell Cries Racism Over Cadbury Chocolate Ad

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Cadbury had some fun at the expense of Naomi Campbell last week, but the super model isn't laughing.

The company ran the following ad in British newspapers last week, hyping its Dairy Milk Bliss Bar as the "new diva in town" and taking a jab at Campbell, whose violent past includes spitting at a cop, attacking a limo driver and assaulting a cameraman.

Sounds rather diva-like to us.

Cadbury Chocolate Ad

But not to Naomi.

"I am shocked," Campbell said. "It's upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people as a race. I do not find any humor in this. It's insulting and hurtful."

Do you agree? Is the ad inappropriately targeting black women? Or just this one, scandalous woman who happens to be black? Sound off now: is it racist?

Todd mitchell

Naomi know she that sexy chocolate. I don't know why she getting mad. Black people call each other that all the time. I know cause I am Black.


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lol so fuuuuuuunnnnnnnneeeeeeyyyyyy


I feel you were wrong for stopping your ad, it had nothing to do with women of color! YOU make delicious chocolate that any diva would love to be connected with!


Bryan feel you dude. LOL so many beautiful women right. ButI do agree with you. Blacks do have a skitzo attitude in race relations because we don't do things the right way. we went from crawling to running without standing up, walking, and jogging as for as race relations go. sometimes we try to give what we don;t have. But hey a day is coming soon to change all that. but yeah no harm no foul. but Asian chicks are grrrrreeeaaat too lol. I love any girl with a nice face or body, big ass is a definate plu.s LOL, can't explain it. But I very sexually attracted to chocolate myself. but yeah glad to see every body takes a shot with you and I hate the race card too because everybody gets on my nerves evenly.


I think Naomi is freaking HOT! It's too bad she has the attitude...or seems to have an attitude. I don't really know her so... Halle Berry is my favorite though. She is SO beautiful to me. I'm white, but I am attracted to every race of woman though. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, plain and simple. However, I am mostly attracted to Asian women. Man they are so incredibly gorgeous to me. The kicker is, I've never dated an Asian girl! Oh well. Maybe one day. Just don't tell my wife!!


Girls settle down!
Everybody makes mistakes (:


@"mixed," you are the one that needs a math (and grammar) lesson. The correct phrase would have been "3 1/4s and 1 1/4. Without the "s" you indeed stated that you were three and 1/4 plus 1/4, which equals 3 1/2, as Jen McB stated. Your observations about being a dumbass were, therefore, autobiographical. BTW, "dumbass" is one word, not two. You can't even spell "dumbass," Dumbass!


uhh...I hate fractions! I also suck at fractions...math in general really. The metric system is actually much easier. :o)


@ jen McB, I guess your one of those stupid American kids who cant do fractions eh? (by this I'm not saying all American kids cant do fractions so dont get it twisted) I said Im 3 quarters black and 1 quarter white. Thats 4 quarters and what do four quarters make? A whole! Your such a dumb ass!! Maybe you should make sure you know what your talking about before you comment!

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